12 Free Mythical Creature Pumpkin Stencils for Halloween

hand from grave carved into pumpkin
Photo: Jason Donnelly

Try these free pumpkin carving stencils to scare up some mythical fun. Use a dragon stencil to create a fire-breathing beast or a vampire for a grinning ghoul. For even more pumpkin carving ideas, add some fright with a zombie pumpkin stencil featuring a withered hand reaching up to the moon.

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Zombie Pumpkin Stencil

hand from grave carved into pumpkin
Jason Donnelly

Beware the walkers. In this zombie pumpkin stencil, a gnarled hand a la The Walking Dead reaches to a full moon. Scrape some dried grasses around the base of the hand for a three-dimensional effect.

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Ogre Pumpkin Stencil


This giant ogre looks great as a glowing Halloween pumpkin carving. Carve his one-eye-too-big face into your display—and don't forget the dumbfounded grin!

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Werewolf Pumpkin Stencil

Werewolf Pumpkin Stencil

Have a howlingly fun Halloween with a werewolf carved into a full moon. The pumpkin carving patterns indicate where you'll cut away the moon from your pumpkin, leaving the werewolf's snarling profile in relief. For added drama, spray-paint your pumpkin black before carving your design.

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Ghost Pumpkin Stencil

ghost stencil

Boo! Have a haunting Halloween pumpkin when you cut out a ghastly apparition. Our free ghost stencil makes it easy to carve your own—no white sheet required!

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Medusa Pumpkin Stencil

Medusa Pumpkin Stencil

Trick-or-treaters better not stare too long at Medusa's peering eyes. This mythical monster and her snake-coiled hair is said to turn onlookers into stone. Use our pumpkin carving templates to perfect her twisting locks.

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Griffin Pumpkin Stencil

Griffin Pumpkin Stencil

Need an easy-to-carve pumpkin? These free pumpkin stencils have a bit of detail in the Griffin's claws and fur, but it's still a good design for a first-time carver.

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Dragon Pumpkin Stencil

Dragon Pumpkin Stencil

Channel your inner Khaleesi and let actual fire (in the form of a candle) glow from the mouth of this spiky dragon pumpkin stencil. Carve the dragon's head and etch a few details, including the scaly stomach and imposing wings, to make a symbol worthy of the House Targaryen on Game of Thrones.

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Phoenix Pumpkin Stencil


Take flight with a Harry Potter-inspired pumpkin in the form of Dumbledore's reborn phoenix—the mythical bird that rises from the ashes. The pumpkin carving patterns explain how its feathered wings are made by scraping the surface of the pumpkin, while the body is set aglow when you carve it out of an extra-wide pumpkin.

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Witch Pumpkin Stencil

witch stencil

Something wicked this way comes. Bewitch your guests with this eerie Halloween pumpkin carving—display the finished pumpkin on your fall front porch.

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Vampire Pumpkin Stencil

Vampire Pumpkin Stencil

Let this fanged creature haunt your Halloween steps this holiday. He's extra-spooky when carved out of a black pumpkin (simply paint the pumpkin before you start), but he'd still look menacing in a large orange pumpkin. Download the free pumpkin carving stencils to get started.

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Fangs Pumpkin Stencil

Twilight Fangs

A vampire isn't complete without its pointy teeth. Use our pumpkin carving templates to slice out some ferocious fangs.

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Glowing Eyes

Pumpkins with carved-out eyes around stump
Adam Albright

Simple but dramatic is the mantra with these big-eyed jack-o'-lanterns. Pick your favorite eyes from our five templates or freehand pairs. Set pumpkins in a shady area so they look like mythical creatures peering out at trick-or-treaters. Use faux flickering candles to avoid a fire hazard.

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