Top Halloween Pumpkin Stencils for the Master Carver

Happy Pumpkins
Show off your exceptional pumpkin carving skills with these challenging pumpkin stencils chosen especially for master carvers.

Pinecone Pumpkin Stencil

Bring the enchanted forest to your front porch with this pinecone stencil.

Cattails Pumpkin Stencil

Keep those lazy summer days alive with cattails carved into a pumpkin for Halloween.

Wheat Stalks Pumpkin Stencil

Iconic stalks of wheat wave in the breeze in this beautiful harvest scene.

German Shepherd Stencil

Tela's hobbies include shredding Mom's hostas, chewing through her new toys, and being Dad's all-around pride and joy.

Golden Retriever Pumpkin Stencil

Lucy Buttercup is a friendly dog who loves to snuggle on the couch -- and steal food from the counter. She once ate an entire peach pie! When we adopted Rocco (a dark Golden retriever), Lucy was shy at first, but now she plays, wrestles, and cuddles nonstop with him. -- Diane Starkey, Lucy's owner

Yorkshire Terrier Pumpkin Stencil

Yorkshire terriers consider themselves to be big dogs -- they have no idea how small they are. Gordie "Killer" Blevins weighs only 3.7 pounds, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in personality. -- Ann Blevins, Gordie's owner

Celtic Knot Pumpkin Stencil

This intricate round Celtic knot is etched into the pumpkin rind, rather than carved, paying homage to the Highland design.

Victorian Damask Pumpkin Stencil

The secret to carving an intricate pattern, such as this Victorian-inspired design, is to use a narrow gouge tool, available at an art or woodworking store.

Victorian Flourish Pumpkin Stencil

The Victorian style is known for decorative, intricate details. Bring that look to a Halloween pumpkin with this pretty flourish stencil design.

Kaleidoscope Pumpkin Stencil

Create an artsy rendition of a carved pumpkin this year with this kaleidoscope design.

American Curl Cat Pumpkin Stencil

American Curl cats sport unique ears that curl backward in an arc. Their ears, plus their plumed tails, create a stylish feline presence.

Sphynx Cat Pumpkin Stencil

Sphynx cats appear to be hairless but are actually covered with a fine down similar to peach fuzz. Their skin shows all the color and pattern variations seen on other cats' coats.

Bengal Cat Stencil

Bengal cats feature wild looking spotted and marbled markings. An Asian Leopard cat and a domestic cat create this hybrid breed.

Haunted Tree Pumpkin

A haunted tree and flying bats are sure to spook your neighborhood trick-or-treaters when they come to your porch this year.

Five Faces Pumpkin

Why carve only one pumpkin face when you can have five instead? This pumpkin stencil features a great combination of faces.

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