Free Pumpkin Stencils for Halloween

Use these stencil patterns to create cute (or creepy) Halloween pumpkins that will surprise your guests.

Wide Smile Stencil

Crack a smile when you're carving -- just like this happy fellow!

Frankenstein Face Stencil

Let's be frank: This guy is a block head. But we love him anyway!

To use, open the PDF pattern and print. Size the pattern on a copier if needed. Tape it to your pumpkin and poke the outline of the pattern with a pin before carving. Use these directions for all stenciling.

To gain access to the dozens of fun patterns, simply log in at (or register -- it's free).

Halloween Mouth Stencil

Guess which holiday this guy loves? Spell out the season by carving the words into your pumpkin.

Horned Grin Stencil

Get mischevious this Halloween! Fangs and big eyes peer out from this carving.

Lion Stencil

Roar onto the scene with a pumpkin that could show off your Zodiac sign (talking to you, Leos!), or could simply show that you're king of the neighborhood.

Vampire and Fangs Stencil

Sink your teeth into this clever carving.

Learn how to carve a pumpkin! Our easy tutorial takes you through the clean-out and the carving, with time-tested tips on using pumpkin stencils.

Video: How to Carve a Pumpkin

Watch this step-by-step tutorial to learn some surprising tips and tricks to achieve a perfectly carved pumpkin.

Round-Face Stencil

Hang around this guy long enough and you're sure to elicit laughs.

Chess Piece Stencil

Strategize for your best-ever Halloween pumpkin! Celebrate your inner gamer with a cute chess piece carving.

Cyclops Stencil

He's got his (one) eye on you! Carve a simple ghoul that is sure to attract stares.

Missing-Teeth Smile Stencil

Who needs a full set of chompers when you've got a grin this goofy? This guy will light up your Halloween display.

Cat Stencil

This cat must have seen a ghost.

Trick-or-Treat Stencil

This fun stencil will have you ready for hoards of trick-or-treaters.

Spooky Skeleton Stencil

This skeleton stencil is scared speechless.

Skeleton Stencil

Turn your pumpkin into a graveyard with this bony stencil.

Feline Stencil

This cat stencil is so cute, you might find yourself wanting to cuddle with your jack-o'-lantern.

Vampire Face Stencil

This vampire has its next prey in sight. Carve him in celebration of Halloween evening's shadowy figures.

Owl Stencil

Making a fowl pumpkin with this stencil is sure to be a hoot.

Scarecrow Stencil

This creepy face will scare more than just the crows away.

Happy Halloween Stencil

Carve Halloween wishes for all who pass by your yard.

Witch Stencil

A bewitching stencil will turn your yard into the perfect hangout for ghouls around the neighborhood.

Spooky Bat Stencil

Trace this bat image onto your pumpkin, and it just might take a quick flight around the block.

Howling Wolf Stencil

A full moon is the perfect backdrop for a howling wolf.

Smiley Face Stencil

A smiling pumpkin will get everyone in the Halloween spirit.

Creepy Crow Stencil

This spooky crow might have guests flying away before they even get to the door.

Say Cheese Stencil

A cheesy grin will have your pumpkin ready for his closeup.

Haunted Tree Stencil

When this scary tree came to life, even the bats were spooked.

Snarling Face Stencil

No kids will steal candy when this snarling pumpkin is looking.

Vampire Stencil

Even with his long fangs, this goofy Dracula looks friendly.

Deer Stencil

A full moon makes for a bright stroll through the woods for a buck.

Tombstone Stencil

Create a graveyard by carving this tombstone stencil into a grouping of pumpkins.

Cat in the Moon Stencil

A creeping cat is on the lookout for spooky creatures.

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