Frost is on the pumpkin -- and your awaited guests will know winter is near when this glistening pumpkin greets them at the door.

Updated March 20, 2019

What You Need:

Let your imagination run wild while painting your pumpkin this Halloween.
  • Clean pumpkin
  • White dimensional fabric paint
  • White glitter


1. Choose a pumpkin with a shape you like and a long, interesting stem. Clean and dry the pumpkin.

2. Using a bottle of white dimensional paint, apply a generous amount of paint to the raised ridges of the stem and some of the lines extending down from the stem. Paint the lines on the pumpkin at varying lengths, about one-third of the way down the pumpkin. Add more white paint around the pumpkin stem, if desired. Work fairly quickly so you can complete all painting before any of it dries.

3. Draw as many snowflakes as you wish. To make a snowflake, first draw an X shape.

4. Add a third line horizontally across the center of the X to make a six-sided snowflake. Begin all snowflakes this way, then add dots and smaller lines, or whatever you wish to make the flakes look different. After painting snowflakes, add random white dots between the snowflakes.

5. While the paint is wet, sprinkle white glitter over the painted areas. Let the paint dry. Brush off excess glitter.

2 More Ideas

  • For a Halloween version of this pumpkin, use black paint and glitter and make spiders and webs instead of snow.
  • For a quick centerpiece, place a frosted pumpkin on a large white paper doily sprinkled with artificial snow.


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