12 Adorable (and Free!) Woodland Creature Pumpkin Stencils

Free Deer Shape Pumpkin Carving Pattern
Photo: Carson Downing

Use these free pumpkin carving stencils to decorate your Halloween pumpkins. From an owl pumpkin carving to a raccoon pumpkin stencil, display a carved collection of furry woodland creatures and forest motifs on your porch for Halloween.

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Owl Pumpkin Stencil

Pumpkins carved with owl and mice
Adam Albright

Need some great pumpkin carving ideas? An owl is a classic creature of the night. Try your hand at owl pumpkin carving to give trick-or-treaters a hoot!

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Raccoon Pumpkin Stencil

raccoon pumpkin

They might not be your friends in the wild, but this raccoon pumpkin stencil is great for greeting Halloween guests! Our free pumpkin carving stencils make this furry face easy to recreate.

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Deer Stencil

Free Deer Shape Pumpkin Carving Pattern
Carson Downing

Of all our animal pumpkin carving patterns, this one might just be the most majestic. This antlered deer pumpkin stencil is a beautiful nod to the season. Instead of carving the pumpkin, use a simple scraping technique to get the look.

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Bird Pumpkin Stencil

bird pumpkin

For jack-o'-lantern ideas, look beyond the usual faces. Celebrate your feathered friends with a sweet tweeting buddy made with our pumpkin carving patterns.

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Squirrel Pumpkin Stencil

squirrel pumpkin

Go nuts for this squirrel stencil created mostly with a pumpkin-etching technique. Our free pumpkin stencils indicate where to etch and where to carve.

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Paw Print Pumpkin Stencil

Twilight Paw, BHG.com, Better Homes and Gardens, Twilight, pumpkins, pumpkin carving

Who's that pitter-pattering across your yard? We didn't catch a glimpse, but it looks like they left a print. Bring this paw print to life⁠—claws and all⁠—with free pumpkin stencils.

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Pheasant Pumpkin Stencil

pheasant stencil, Halloween, 100 Days of Holidays, pumpkins, pumpkin stencils, BHG.com, Better Homes and Gardens, BHG

You can do more than just picture this pretty pheasant on your doorstep when you download these woodsy free pumpkin carving stencils. This mythical woodland creature stencil requires just a few simple cuts.

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Bunny Pumpkin Stencil

bunny pumpkin

Hop on over to these pumpkin carving templates! This sweet rabbit would make a cuddly addition to your Halloween display. Create the fur by scraping the pumpkin instead of carving.

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Oak & Acorn Pumpkin Stencil

stencil, Halloween, pumpkin

The mighty oak and its acorns make an appearance in these pumpkin carving templates. Take note; you'll want to select a flat pumpkin to etch those small details on the acorns.

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Mouse Pumpkin Stencil

mouse pumpkin

Oh, rats! Halloween pumpkin carving wouldn't be complete without some skittering critters. Make a carved collection of these cute rodents for a scare-worthy porch.

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Crow and Tree Pumpkin Stencils

Outdoor Halloween decor with crows and carved pumpkins
Adam Albright

Transform your Halloween pumpkin display into a spooky haunted forest with these mythical woodland creature stencils. Create the tree and crow by etching the pumpkin—no carving required!

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Mice Pumpkin Stencil

Mice Pumpkin Stencil with Watermark

Create a trio of scampering mice with our free pumpkin carving stencils. This woodland Halloween project is simple to carve on its own but makes a spooky addition to a carved cat pumpkin.

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