Free Printable Fall Pumpkin Stencils

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Using our free printable fall pumpkin stencils, carve a pretty harvest-theme motif into your Halloween pumpkins. Our stencils feature leaves, pine cones, owls, and more! Make easy, scary pumpkins or cool, simple pumpkins. Use an artificial pumpkin if you want your design to last all season long.

Antlered Buck Stencil

Capture a graceful antlered deer on your Halloween pumpkin as a majestic tribute to the harvest season. We love to display this cool pumpkin stencil as a fall table centerpiece. 

Cattails Stencil

This summer-inspired spray of cattails is one of our favorite pumpkin carving ideas. Reminiscent of lazy fishing trips and lakeside breezes, this design will have you remembering summer fun all fall long. 

Sunflower Stencil

Let flowers bloom one last time before fall fades away. This Halloween pumpkin featuring a carved sunflower is sure to add a bit of sunshine.

Maple Leaf Stencil

Pumpkin stencils don't have to be scary! Highlight a carved maple leaf on your Halloween pumpkin to celebrate the essence of autumn.

Wheat Stalks Stencil

Stalks of wheat look like they're waving in a fall breeze, creating a pretty harvest scene on this pumpkin. 

Owl Stencil

Owls are a fun, trendy motif, especially for fall. Carve the likeness of one into a pumpkin for Halloween this year. Note: Use a power drill to make the holes for the eyes.

Pinecone Stencil

Bring a bit of the forest to your porch with this pumpkin embellishment. The scaly surface of the pinecone is created by gouging out the skin of the pumpkin rather than carving all the way through the pumpkin rind.

Oak Leaves & Acorns Stencil

Mimic the crisp falling leaves of autumn on your pumpkin with an oak leaf and acorn stencil.

Scarecrow Stencil

This scarecrow pumpkin stencil works great not only for Halloween but also throughout the autumn season. Carve a portion of the hat to add depth and shadows. 

Mushroom Stencil

Carve this woodland-inspired mushroom stencil to add outdoorsy style to your Halloween pumpkin. This simple pumpkin stencil requires minimal carving. 

Ear of Corn Stencil

Celebrate the harvest season with an ear of corn intricately carved into a bright orange pumpkin. We'll share the free pumpkin stencil and tips for getting the shading just right. 

Butterfly Stencil

This easy pumpkin stencil pops thanks to a few simple shading techniques. Catch the beauty of this pretty winged creature on a Halloween pumpkin this fall.

Pheasant Stencil

Whittle this iconic fall bird into a pumpkin for an unexpected take on Halloween tradition. This drilled pumpkin requires power drill to create the pheasant's eye.

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