21 Halloween Pumpkin Faces to Stencil for Fun Jack-o'-Lanterns

silly smiling face carved into pumpkin
Photo: Jason Donnelly

Check out our Halloween pumpkin stencils for the best funny to scary faces for your front door. Use our downloadable templates for carving jack-o'-lanterns. Whichever you choose, every printable is free and ready to get you carving.

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Jumbled Face

geometric eyes nose and face carved in pumpkin
Jason Donnelly

A goofy grin makes this pumpkin face stencil a real hoot. This funny pumpkin-carving idea will stand out in a field of scary pumpkins. Try carving it on a unique pumpkin variety (like a white Crystal Star) for a new take on the classic orange jack-o'-lantern.

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Frankenstein's Monster

Fall décor with carved Frankenstein pumpkin
Carson Downing

Let Halloween's most famous monster take center stage on your jack-o'-lantern. This not-so-scary pumpkin stencil gives Frankenstein a more friendly persona with a goofy wide smile.

Editor's Tip: Displaying your carved pumpkin outside? Get our must-have tips for making your pumpkins last longer.

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Laughing Face

silly smiling face carved into pumpkin
Jason Donnelly

Use one of our simple stencil patterns to create this laughing fellow. He'll make a delightful addition to your pumpkin display. Finish the look with small decorative pumpkins and faux fall leaves

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Sugar Skull Face

orange pumpkin with a sugar skull carved in the front of it, sitting on a halloween front porch with other small pumpkins
Carson Downing

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with a sugar skull Halloween pumpkin face stencil. Get the look by drilling small holes and using a scraping tool to carve decorative areas. You'll only need to remove the outer layer of pumpkin skin to get the etched look.

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skull and crossbones carved into pumpkin
Jason Donnelly

This classic scary symbol transforms a pumpkin into a bone-chilling Halloween display with this free pumpkin stencil. Create a scratchy texture in the skull by scraping a gouge across the pumpkin flesh.

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Undercover Stencil

pumpkin with Undercover stencil
Jay Wilde

You won't find any cooler Halloween pumpkin stencils for carving than this sunglass-sporting pumpkin-face template. This funny pumpkin stencil proves not all Halloween decor has to be scary!

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Basic Shapes Pumpkin Face

pumpkin with Basic Shapes Face stencil
Jay Wilde

Big X eyes, a triangle nose, and a railroad-like mouth make this grinner a fun, basic pumpkin-carving template to use. To carve the shapes, use a thin, sharp blade like a crafts knife.

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Wicked Grin

pumpkin with Wicked Grin stencil
Jay Wilde

A jagged grin is just part of this pumpkin's spooky appeal. His bright eyes will glow with a battery-operated tea light inside. This Halloween pumpkin is a modern take on the classic jack-o'-lantern.

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Googly Eyes

pumpkin with Googly Eyes stencil
Jay Wilde

For a funny pumpkin-carving idea, try this silly pumpkin-face template. It will sure bring a few smiles from trick-or-treaters. Don't want to carve the whole thing? Use the stencil but paint portions of the face instead!

Editor's Tip: If you're creating a painted Halloween pumpkin, use long-lasting acrylic paint.

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Scared Face

pumpkin with scared face stencil
Jay Wilde

Give your jack-o'-lantern the look of wide-eyed surprise with this pumpkin face template. This stencil is great for beginners because you only need to master a couple of basic shapes like ovals.

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Dorky Face

pumpkin with Dorky Face stencil
Jay Wilde

This funny pumpkin face stencil will add a friendly face to your jack-o'-lantern lineup. Complete your Halloween pumpkin display with a carved emoji pumpkin.

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Silly Skeleton

pumpkin with Skeleton stencil
Jay Wilde

Let a skeleton grin on your pumpkin this Halloween. While skeletons usually fall into the scary category, this goofy-looking pumpkin template is silly, not spooky—perfect for greeting trick-or-treaters.

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Big Grin

pumpkin with Cross-Eyed stencil
Jay Wilde

A big grin and an X for a nose make this guy a fun addition to your Halloween display. This pumpkin printable provides an easy guide for creating a classic jack-o'-lantern face.

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pumpkin with Starry-Eyed stencil
Jay Wilde

This pumpkin face template will steal the show. The starry-eyed guy is all smiles and ready to charm trick-or-treaters. Display him on your fall front porch as part of a pumpkin-packed display.

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Great Ape

pumpkin with Great Ape stencil
Jay Wilde

For a scary pumpkin stencil with an animal twist, go for this menacing monkey design. Etch deep into the pumpkin around the eyes to create a spooky backlit look.

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Baby Face Stencil

pumpkin with Baby Face stencil
Jay Wilde

Forget the scary jack-o'-lanterns: A funny Halloween pumpkin face can enhance your decor, too. A silly tongue and big eyes enhance the oh-so-cute design of this pumpkin-face template.

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sly vampire carved pumpkin with faux ravens
Adam Albright

Sink your teeth into a vampire-inspired Halloween stencil featuring fangs and glaring eyes. Get our best vampire pumpkin stencils and create a few iconic designs.

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Bucktooth Stencil

pumpkin with Bucktooth stencil
Jay Wilde

Check out this guy's silly face! We bet trick-or-treaters will get a few laughs from this funny pumpkin carving idea. Get the look by carving the face and etching around the eyes.

Editor's Tip: When prepping your pumpkin for carving, clean at least 1/2-inch of flesh from the inside of the pumpkin. This allows more light to glow through the etched areas—like this pumpkin's eyes.

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Ghost Face

pumpkin with Ghost Face stencil
Jay Wilde

Give this hauntingly fun ghost a place in your Halloween jack-o'-lantern lineup. This free pumpkin printable features big surprised eyes—like someone just told him "boo!"

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Silly Face

pumpkin with Silly Face stencil
Jay Wilde

Laugh along with this funny-face goof. The big eyes, two teeth, and tongue of this pumpkin carving stencil make the design especially expressive.

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Kissy Face Emoji

pumpkin with kissy face emoji stencil
Diane Starkey

Step out from ordinary pumpkin-face templates and express yourself with an emoji pumpkin! This easy pumpkin carving stencils requires just a simple etching technique.

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