Fallen Leaves Pumpkin

The colors of autumn are vividly enhanced by painting gathered leaves with bright metallic paints.

What You Need:

  • Dry leaves
  • Newspapers
  • Acrylic metallic paints in lime green, magenta, blue, and purple
  • Paintbrush
  • White pumpkin
  • Decoupage medium


1. Gather leaves in desired sizes and shapes. Make sure the leaves are dry but not brittle. Green leaves may curl and will not accept paint well.

2. Cover your work surface with newspapers. Paint the front sides of the leaves using metallic paints. Let the paint dry. Apply a second coat if needed. Let the paint dry. Turn the leaves over and paint the back, using the same color. Let the paint dry.

3. Paint the stem of the pumpkin using a desired color of metallic paint. Let the paint dry.

4. To attach the leaves to the top and sides of the pumpkin, coat the back of each leaf with decoupage medium. The leaves will not stay flat to the pumpkin, but will curl a bit. Press a leaf onto the pumpkin and paint over the front of the leaf with a coat of decoupage medium. Continue adding leaves in this manner until the desired look is achieved. Let it dry.


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