Doggy Pumpkin Stencils Outtakes

Puppy Love
Carve a Halloween pumpkin that resembles your favorite dog using our free stencils. And enjoy looking at our canine models when they're behaving like, well, dogs.

Angry Doggy

Oreo the Border collie must have thought the pumpkin was attracting too much attention!

Jump, Dog, Jump

Talk about being nimble and quick -- Bear, the Pomeranian, jumped over the jack-o'-lantern to get what he wanted.


Marlo the Cocker spaniel thinks being a supermodel is hard work.

Time to Rest

We get it Marlo; you're completely exhausted. You deserve your beauty rest.

Peanut Butter Tricks

"Where¿s the peanut butter?" Dobey the Doberman pinscher knows he smells something he likes.

Woof, Woof

Meeko, a Siberian husky, was a perfect gentleman when he posed with the pumpkin. Now he's ready for his reward. Good boy, Meeko.


"Say Cheese!" Sophie, a miniature schnauzer, gives the camera her cutest smile.

Inspector Terrier

Patches, a curious Boston terrier, has to investigate what's inside the pumpkin.

Get Away!

Zoe the Shih Tzu thought she was looking in a mirror and apparently didn't like what she saw.

Puppy Love

And they called it puppy love. Best pals Thomas and Lola, Cavalier King Charles spaniels, show how much they love each other.

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