Craft a Pumpkin Topiary

Use wooden dowels -- in Halloween colors, of course -- to securely stack pumpkins into formation. Opt for artificial pumpkins if you plan to reuse your towering masterpieces next year.

What You Need

  • Fresh pumpkins or artificial carvable pumpkins: 1 small and 1 medium
  • Acrylic crafts paint: black and orange
  • Assorted artist's paintbrushes
  • 24-inch length of 1-inch-diameter wooden dowel
  • Matte-finish acrylic spray varnish
  • Apple corer
  • Small urn filled with potting soil
  • Black electrical tape
  • Paper fringe: orange and black
  • Purchased spider

How to Make It

  1. Use a pencil to sketch diamond shapes onto the small pumpkin.
  2. Using an appropriate-size paintbrush, fill in the diamond shapes with black acrylic paint; let dry.
  3. Paint the wooden dowel orange. Let dry.
  4. Apply a second coat if necessary. Let dry.
  5. Spray acrylic varnish on both pumpkins and the dowel. Let dry.
  6. Use the apple corer to make holes in the top and bottom of the medium-size pumpkin.
  7. Make a hole in the bottom of the small pumpkin.
  8. Insert the painted dowel completely through the medium pumpkin, and then push the small pumpkin onto the top of the wooden dowel.
  9. Place the assembly into the urn. Cut pieces of electrical tape and wrap it around the dowel to create stripes.
  10. Decorate with paper fringe and set the purchased spider on top of the bottom pumpkin.


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