As October 31 inches closer, Halloween candy will be flying off the shelves. Find out the most popular Halloween candy in your state—the results might surprise you!
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Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars on Halloween candy—an estimated $10.1 billion this year, according to The National Retail Federation. Because trick-or-treating was cancelled in many places last year, this year we're expecting people to go all-out with costumes, pumpkins, and of course, candy.

That means Halloween shoppers will be stocking up on classics like Candy Corn ($3, Target), Snickers ($3, Walmart), and Tootsie Pops ($3, Target) more than ever before. To help you decide which goodies to add to your next grocery store pickup, the candy experts at put together a list of the most popular Halloween candy in every state, based on how many times each candy was purchased over the last several years. Their candy experts looked at sales data from the last 14 years to determine the candy-buying habits of consumers in all 50 states and put together an interactive map of their findings—including the second and third place candies, and the number of pounds of candy sold in each state.

Child in skeleton costume holding a bowl of Halloween candy
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While some states’ favorite candies were no surprise (we’re looking at you, Kansas), others will probably have you shaking your head (Montana, really?). If you're overwhelmed by the number of candies pictured in the map—or if you disagree with your state's winner—along with the map, the candy experts also included the top Halloween candies nationwide. Over the last 14 years, Reese's Cups ($3, Walmart) are the top-selling candy during the Halloween season, with Skittles ($3, Target), M&Ms ($3, M&Ms), and Starburst ($3, Target) following closely behind. Ready to find out if your state agrees with your candy preferences? Check out the full list below.

Most Popular Candies by State

These are the top three most-purchased candies in every state.














New Hampshire

New Jersey

North Carolina

North Dakota



Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota



West Virginia


Whether you buy your state's top candy or opt for another holiday favorite, make sure you stock up on all the sugary essentials before it's too late.


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