Bonus: You can do these gorgeous manicures right at home.

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Halloween is this week, which means you have less than seven days to enjoy the best parts of the spooky season. Although you might not be heading out to annual costume parties or trick-or-treating due to the pandemic, there are still safe ways you can celebrate October 31. One of your options is to take a break from your fall manicure and apply some Halloween nail art to your fingers. You can do any of these options at home or get it done by your nail technician, but just make sure you wear your face mask if you choose the latter. Although each one we included is different, the majority of them require the same basic color scheme for polishes. We included our favorite designs, plus the best polishes to get the same look. (And don't forget to check out how you can safely remove your manicure when you want to change it up.) Here are four stunning options for your festive Halloween nails.

Halloween Nail Designs

There is a mix of simple and more complicated options here, but all of them can definitely be done in your home. (And don't forget to check out how you can safely remove your manicure when you want to change it up.) Here are four stunning options for your festive Halloween nails.

halloween nails leopard
Credit: Courtesy of Kaitlynn Pegram

Cute Halloween Nails

As someone who loves a leopard print, this one is my personal favorite from Kaitlynn Pegram. All you need to create this look is to paint every other finger black or orange (but skip the ring finger.) Then, paint that nail with a grayish nude polish ($10, Sephora). Let that dry, dab on a few dots of the orange, and then do small strokes of black around each one. The best part of this manicure is it doesn't have to be perfect.

halloween nail stickers
Credit: Courtesy of Nina Park

Halloween Nail Decals

If you're not steady with polish (hello, it's me), then give this manicure by Nina Park a go. All you need to do is paint your base coat, apply Halloween nail stickers ($3, Etsy), and finish with your topcoat. The result is a simple yet super cute look.

negatvie space
Credit: Courtesy of Sigourney Nuñez

Simple Halloween Nails

Your manicure doesn't have to be super busy to be festive. This stunningly subtle look by Sigourney Nuñez shows you can use your natural nail beautifully. After your base coat, take a small tool and draw a thin line with black polish in an arch on each nail. Then, paint the tip orange.

halloween nails orange with black stickers
Credit: Courtesy of Savannah Walker

Halloween Stiletto Nails

But if you like to be a little flashy (more is more!), try this manicure by Savannah Walker. Although it looks intricate, you can do it very easily. To get an exact look, you'll want your technician to apply a tip in a stiletto or almond shape. Then, apply black Halloween nail stickers ($7, Etsy) and seal it all in with your topcoat.

Related Items

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Nail Prep Kit


Before you begin, you'll want to make sure your nails are in good shape. (The extra care will help your manicure last longer.) This 12-piece kit includes nail clippers, a file, a cuticle pusher, and more to get your nailbeds in perfect shape before you start painting.

opi base coat
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Base Coat


After you've gotten your nail beds in tip-top shape, you'll start with a base coat. Paint a single, thin layer on each nail and let them dry completely before you apply any other polishes.

black nail polish
Credit: Courtesy of Ulta

Black Nail Polish

$11, ULTA

Don't be intimidated by black nail polish. It can look really elegant, especially with these Halloween nail designs. You only need a maximum of two coats for opaqueness.

orange nail polish
Credit: Courtesy of Ulta

Orange Nail Polish

$9, ULTA

This gorgeous orange is flattering on all skin tones. (Essie describes the shade as a warm brown-orange.) The quick-dry formula means you can get your mani done in no time.

nail art kit
Credit: Courtesy of BeauteGalleria/Etsy

Nail Art Kit

$19, ETSY

This 50-piece kit comes with everything you need to make simple and intricate designs. It includes brushes, pens, and nail tape to make your bathroom feel like your very own nail salon. All of the items are safe for regular, gel, and acrylic polishes.

opi top coat
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Top Coat


Every time you paint your nails, you need to seal it in with a top coat. Make sure all of your polish is completely dry, and then swipe on a thin layer of this clear polish. (Make sure the top coat dries completely before you touch anything.)


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