4 Pumpkin-Scented Candles to Burn All Fall Long

These candles will have your whole house smelling like fresh pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin is arguably the best fall scent because it's so versatile. If you like a good sweet-smelling candle, pumpkin vanilla is the way to go. And if you're in the market for more of a warm, masculine scent, you can find tons of pumpkin spice-scented options. Or you stock up on as many as you can find and try them all.

With literally hundreds of pumpkin-scented candles on the market, it can be hard to know what's good and what's not. So to help you decide, we've rounded up our favorite tried-and-true scents and a few we'd like to try.

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Farm Apple Pumpkin

Walmart Pumpkin Candle

This gorgeous candle blends the scents of two of our favorite fall activities: Apple picking and a trip to the pumpkin patch. The 18-ounce candle apple and pumpkin-scented candle comes in a red glass jar with a pretty wood lid. One five-star reviewer says, "This smells absolutely incredible, and it has such a cute look! One regret—I only bought one!"

Buy It: Apple Pumpkin 2-Wick Candle ($15, Walmart)

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Pumpkin Dulce Glam

gold candle on a blue surface
Courtesy of Capri Blue

Another popular fall scent is Capri Blue's pumpkin dulce glam. While the Capri Blue pumpkin clove candle is all spice, this one is definitely sweet. The 32-ounce candle smells of pumpkin, gingersnap, and whipped vanilla and comes in a fun sparkly jar.

Buy It: Pumpkin Dulce Glam Candle ($30, Capri Blue)

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Pumpkin Picking

pumpkin candle in jar
Courtesy of Homesick

Homesick candles have a unique way of capturing a specific location or memory, and with notes of pumpkin, clove, and nutmeg, their pumpkin picking scent is no exception. Light this one anytime you need a hefty dose of fall; it has a burn time of up to 80 hours, so you can enjoy this one all season long.

Buy It: Pumpkin Picking Candle ($38, Homesick)

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Pumpkin Spice

pumpkin candle in wood holder
Courtesy of Vim + Vigor

This natural soy candle will make you feel like you're frolicking through freshly-fallen leaves. It combines the traditional pumpkin with vanilla, nutmeg, clove and allspice for a slightly spicy scent. Plus, it comes in a gorgeous jujube wood vessel, so it doubles as a fall decor piece.

Buy It: Pumpkin Spice Wood Candle ($25, Vim + Vigor)

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