Your Best Photos of Pets in Halloween Costumes

Whether you need great idea starters or just a smile, check out these photos of users' pets all incognito for Halloween.

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    Disguised Wolf from pearl2215

    Why we picked this: My, what great costumes you have! Could this fairy tale pair be any sweeter?

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    Laney the Scarecrow from britty211

    Why we picked this: These two button-nose faces are a sweet autumn pair! Our favorite part is the patch-covered floppy hat.

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    Tin Man from cragelhorst

    Why we picked this: Metallic material never looked better than in this straight-out-of-Oz costume.

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    Wonder Dog from lilflowerlover

    Why we picked this: Yes, the getup is great, but we'll admit: Her facial expression says it all.

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    Jack Sparrow from steel1936622

    Why we picked this: We can't think of a better costume for a Jack Russell terrier. From the beaded wig to the pirate ship backdrop, the details are perfect.

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    Frog Princess from leonard.kate

    Why we picked this: Maybe we love how this dog's curls contrast with the frog's slippery-looking skin, but it also could be the costume's hilarious bulging eyes and wide-open mouth.

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    Monster Face from jenniferbuehrer

    Why we picked this: Just look at that face -- his little Shrek looks ready to take on the scariest of ghouls at the Halloween party.

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    Dogs as People

    Be-bop Kelsy from brooke3l

    Why we picked this: It may not be worn by the most obviously appropriate dog breed, but the poodle skirt on this teenybopper is too cute to ignore.

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    Dogs as People

    Two Hippies from jennygret

    Why we picked this: An impressive amount of accessories adorn this peace-loving duo, especially those flowing black wigs!

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    Dogs as People

    Aloha from photocraf

    Why we picked this: Their costumes may not look like they were made for the canine form, but these two Golden Retrievers wear them well.

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    Dogs as People

    Two Little Indians from bkiss94738

    Why we picked this: We fell in love with the moccasins and braided wigs on these little faux Native Americans.

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    Dogs as People

    Pug-a-Haunt-Us from ruffred7

    Why we picked this: This dog is sporting a prime example of all-out-awesome Halloween garb. The war-chief portrait is a nice touch, too.

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    Dogs as People

    Puppy Longstocking from teekfiftytwo

    Why we picked this: It's all about those outrageous braids. Honorable mention goes to the stockings, of course.

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    Dogs as People

    Harley "Ruff" Rider from msbugg10

    Why we picked this: Our readers voted Harley the winner of's Halloween Pet Costumes contest in 2008, and we love him, too! The sign, which offers a "100 bones reward," is especially clever.

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    Dogs as People

    Wobbles the Biker from brygidat

    Why we picked this: Clearly, this 4-week-old miniature Chihuahua was born to be wild. Although, we wonder, should "Wobbles" and "biker" really go together?

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    Dogs as People

    Doggy Fashionista from hautepaws

    Why we picked this: From the jean cuffs to the leash, we found the most fashion-forward diva on four legs.

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    In Uniform

    The Matador from hautepaws

    Why we picked this: We are suckers for irony. We can't imagine a cuter fearless bullfighter than a cowering Chihuahua. (Are those pink claws we see?)

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    In Uniform

    Firedog from lovelyrita321

    Why we picked this: Never fear when this fire chief is near; he looks alert and ready for action.

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    In Uniform

    Locked Up from allie1002

    Why we picked this: The face on this pooch says one thing: guilty.

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    In Uniform

    Cop Kitty from vfalso

    Why we picked this: Details make this costume shine -- from its handcuffs to the shiny badge. Besides, we don't see many cats willing to pose in a costume.

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    Dogs as Other Animals

    Puglet from pwd11

    Why we picked this: This little piggy is downright hysterical. By the look on his face, we're not sure if he enjoys his costume -- but we sure do.

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    Dogs as Other Animals

    Daisy Bug from ltybug

    Why we picked this: We loved her pom-pom antennae at first sight -- and we can't deny those sweet eyes, either.

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    Dogs as Other Animals

    Lion from blindambition1730

    Why we picked this: Aren't lions supposed to be ferocious? The irony of this dog's shy face makes it the perfect king of the jungle -- for Halloween, at least.

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    Dogs as Other Animals

    Stegosaurus from lacey_9382

    Why we picked this: A dinosaur dog is such an original idea; we've never seen one like it. The fact that it's handmade makes it all the better.

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    Dogs as Other Animals

    Giant Bees from cheryl.dufficy

    Why we picked this: This honey of a pair looks right at home by the flowerbed.

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    Dogs as Other Animals

    Mouse in Cheese from Tianshingi

    Why we picked this: What a presentation! That block of cheese is actually a doggie stroller undercover. To top it off, it's handmade, and so is the Shih Tzu's costume.

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    Dogs as Other Animals

    World's Biggest Fly from jodylbm

    Why we picked this: Those mesh-strainer eyes are ingenious, and the rest of the getup is simple but just right for a fly.

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    Devil Dogs

    Little Devil Dog from emily.holmes

    Why we picked this: Fiery cape, pointy horns, mean scowl -- we get the point. Don't mess with this bulldog!

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    Devil Dogs

    Pearl from sarah.marie.86

    Why we picked this: Pearl's eyes don't exactly reflect the fiendish gaze of her mask, but that makes her all the more adorable.

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    Argh, Matey! from mzmariness

    Why we picked this: We love the skull-and-cross-bone hat, and that clever, safer, sewn-on sword replacing the real thing.

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    Halloween Pirate from mesteele86

    Why we picked this: We had to smile when we noticed this pirate's oversize hat doubles as an eye patch. And his candy-corn bandana fits the occasion just right.

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    Captain Beau & Captain Rhett from texasbelle1021

    Why we picked this: These matching poodles are back from last year with another great Halloween ensemble. The three-tone pirate getups are handmade, too.

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    Traditional Costumes

    Burfurd the Pumpkin from hbboop

    Why we picked this: What a perfect dog for a roly-poly pumpkin costume. A wreath of leaves makes a great frame for that bulldog's face.

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    Traditional Costumes

    Hot Dog from ttmire3

    Why we picked this: Sure, it's an old idea, but this hot dog looks like it just jumped off the buffet table. Great job making a cliche look fabulous.

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    Traditional Costumes

    Ghost Dog from kelly.dixon

    Why we picked this: We love how this dog makes such a classic disguise new again. (Although we wonder how long he stayed undercover.)

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    Other Animals

    Ballerina Piggy Sue from doreen.lumbrezer

    Why we picked this: The thought of a pot-bellied ballerina won us over, and anyone who makes a pig this cute deserves some serious recognition.

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    Other Animals

    Nightmare on the Town from loveq9z

    Why we picked this: Such a masterpiece gives new meaning to the term "night mare," and really deserves a round of applause. Imagine seeing this horse in motion -- whoa!

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    Other Animals

    Movie Star from Patricia21

    Why we picked this: We definitely didn't expect to see a pet turkey, but this one delivered with style!

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    Other Animals

    Rooster from senyshin

    Why we picked this: We have never seen a chinchilla in costume before, but this furry little rooster must be as good as it gets.

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