Your Best Photos: Cats in Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes aren't just for kids anymore. readers shared photos of their favorite cats dressed as witches, ghosts, cowboys, and more.

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    Submitted by: rcleopardwmn_79

    It's a pirate's life for this cat, who is ready to set sail in her sea-worthy costume.

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    Mini Witch

    Submitted by: raven_99_0610

    A little kitten witch like this is too cute to be scary. With the green hair, tilted hat, and black cape, she could cast an adorable spell on anyone.

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    Submitted by: cmayer

    This cat's gold eyes complement its bumblebee costume.

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    Jack-o'-Lantern Feline

    Submitted by: Cmayer

    We love the bright green pumpkin stem-and-vine hat, a great addition to the orange pumpkin costume.

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    Cat Vacation

    Submitted by: sendtomax

    These cats look ready to kick back and relax for a beach-theme Halloween.

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    Wild West

    Submitted by: deanmattioli

    We wonder what adventures this cat and his cowboy pal will have this Halloween.

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    Icy Stare

    Submitted by: kc-jc

    The tilted witch hat on this feline accents her wicked, hypnotic stare.

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    All Out

    Submitted by: Mkrightaway

    A bee-costumed cat looks ready to pounce amidst a colorful pumpkin-packed autumn vignette.

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    Pooh Cat

    Submitted by: Kelsey Anne's Mommy

    Although dressed as the beloved storybook character Winnie the Pooh, this cat probably still prefers catnip to honey.

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    Quite the Charmer

    Submitted by: Sonyashomo

    Dressed as the dashing Prince Charming, this debonair cat is ready to sweep a princess off her feet.

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    Toil & Trouble

    Submitted by: Hershey & Sammy

    Posed as a witch, this gray kitty cat looks ready to for some spell-casting business.

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    South of the Border

    Submitted by: gvonne2

    He's ready to strike up the mariachi band and get the Halloween party started.

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    Goblins, Ghosts & Cats

    Submitted by: cjpaone

    Cats can be sneaky, but this one may be the sneakiest of all. Dressed up as a ghost, this feline will be able to sneak up on the mice without being noticed.

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    Cat as Bat

    Submitted by: Laurakozlowski

    Talk about going batty! We love the details on this headpiece with the purple wings and the pointy fangs.

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