Your Best Photos: Dogs in Halloween Costumes readers have shown us just how creative pet costumes can be. Here are some of our favorite dogs all decked out for Halloween.

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    Hairy Potter Dog Costume

    Submitted by: jlmcquay

    Abby looks simply magical in her black robe, sparkly hat, and round black glasses taped together just like Harry Potter's.

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    Sweet Treats

    Submitted by: snicklefritz21

    This sweet little dog, Bailey, has quite the colorful costume -- a banana split with all the fixings!

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    Doing Time

    Submitted by: Jilldelgreco

    With such a sweet, innocent face, 11-week-old Cruiser doesn't belong in juvie even though his Halloween jailbird costume may suggest otherwise.

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    Gone Fishing

    Submitted by: whitney__022

    This pint-size fisherman is proudly showing off his colorful catches of the day -- his dog and someone who just might be his sister.

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    Clowning Around

    Submitted by: Hairmeout

    Although Quincy looks serious, we bet he likes to clown around.

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    Dogs in Space

    Submitted by: dkittl201

    Echo the Boston terrier took a giant leap with his out-of-this-world Halloween gear.

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    Sweet and Angelic

    Submitted by: agamble2873498

    This is a guard dog of another kind -- a guardian angel, complete with feathery wings and a golden halo.

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    Submitted by: msbugg10

    All dressed for Halloween, this dog is eager for the harvesting season. He's ready to gather treats and bring in his crops.

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    Queen of the Nile

    Submitted by: cae68

    This dog gets the royal treatment dressed as Cleopatra with a bejeweled dress and a golden throne.

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    Walking Taco

    Submitted by: debmelton2

    The owner really did "think outside the bun" with this taco costume, which includes all the fixings.

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    Happy Couple

    Submitted by: Gsclabes

    We hope this canine bride and groom live happily ever after.

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    Flying High

    Submitted by: brooke3l

    It's a bird, it's a plane ... it's a dog in a Halloween costume! With its flight goggles and an impressive wingspan, this pooch is ready to take to the skies.

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    Icing on the Cake

    Submitted by: princesskat81

    We love cupcakes and we love dogs, so this pairing makes a sweet confection.

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    Hero Dog

    Submitted by: carollynne2101

    Usually dalmatians are firehouse mascots, but this one, Misty, takes her job seriously. Dressed in uniform, she is ready to do more than decorate a fire hydrant. She's quite the hero -- Misty also is a certified therapy dog.

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    Water Works

    Submitted by: We2Sisters

    Phoenix and Aladdin rule the world under the sea as Triton and Poseidon.

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    Costume Change

    Submitted by: We2Sisters

    After a quick costume change, Phoenix and Aladdin are back on stage as a creepy crawly chef and a severed head, respectively.

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    Hound Dog

    Submitted by: mallorie6

    How fitting: a pooch dressed as Elvis Presley, the man who made the song "Hound Dog" famous!

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    Twice the Celebration

    Submitted by: gdjr13

    Liberty the dog is ready to party! This costume works for two celebrations -- Halloween and Mardi Gras.

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    Cookie Hound

    Submitted by: Sierrazfish

    We highly doubt the noncanine Cookie Monster would wait so patiently for a treat.

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    Ladybug and Devil

    Submitted by: djhennessy4955311

    Mickie and Jack look so cute in their Halloween costumes.

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    Pumpkin Buddies

    Submitted by: mgjersvig

    Lucy is dressed up in a classic pumpkin costume for her first Halloween.

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    Being a Clown

    Submitted by: doobieseesu

    Dixie is celebrating her first Halloween and her first birthday. She's waiting patiently for the party to get started!

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    From the Sea

    Submitted by: dreafrostmail

    Not only is this squid costume creative, it was handmade and looks great on Henry, the basset hound.

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    A Pirate's Life for Me

    Submitted by: NightWolf1974

    We wonder how much trick-or-treating treasure Gizmo nabbed on Halloween in his handmade pirate costume.

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    Mr. President

    Submitted by: Reneefrederick

    We cannot tell a lie, this pup is adorable in his Abraham Lincoln costume.

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    Pumpkin Patch

    Submitted by: ashleycallison1

    Pudge doesn't look very happy about his costume, but we bet he'll be happier once he snags a few Halloween snacks while trick-or-treating.

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    Jack the Bat Dog

    Submitted by: kchomes1

    Superhero Jack looks ready to rescue and perform other heroic feats. And maybe sneak in some trick-or-treating, too.

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    All Wrapped Up

    Submitted by: labsrus6

    Murphy, the 10-year-old yellow lab, looks mighty grim in this mummy costume.

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    M&M'S Posse

    Submitted by: bratlaw1

    Hopefully this gang of M&M'S dogs wasn't mistaken for trick-or-treat candy.

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    Royal Family

    Submitted by: oleta04

    Canine Queen LuLu really knows how to strike a regal pose!

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    Off to Neverland

    Submitted by: dm.smith

    Is he off to fight Captain Hook or to see the Lost Boys and Wendy, John, and Michael? This Peter Pan dog is dressed for adventure wherever he's going.

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    Scary Spider

    Submitted by: sonosis2002

    We're not sure how happy this pug is to be dressed as a spider, but he sure looks scary!

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    Family Affair

    Submitted by: oceanrena

    This family goes all out to celebrate Halloween together. Which "child" do you think got the most candy on trick-or-treat night -- Millie and Bailey, the Boston terriers, or Tristen, the one-month-old little guy in the middle?

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    Nautical Creatures

    Submitted by: svw2727

    This little guy, Diesel, is not much bigger than a real lobster.

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    Submitted by: jsbrooks2

    We bet this adorable pair gets into lots of mischief together, with the bigger dog leading the way. (The little stuffed dog can't think for itself.)

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