Witch-Theme Halloween Party: Free Downloads

Get all of the wickedly fun witch party downloads from the 2012 issue of Halloween Tricks & Treats.

Witches Ball Invitation

Don your black hat and hop on your broom -- you're invited to the witches ball! To make this fun Halloween party invitation, download our pattern, available below, and print onto cream cardstock. Cut out around the edges. Use pinking shears to cut a slightly larger circle from glittered black cardstock. Adhere the invitation to the black circle using crafts glue. Turn the front piece facedown. Shape a 7-inch length of pleated silver ribbon into a circle, and glue it to the back of the black glitter circle. Place a slightly larger pleated black ribbon circle atop the silver ribbon with its edges extending beyond the silver circle; glue in place.

Cut two tails from a 7-inch length of striped ribbon, and glue them at the lower center of the invitation. Write the party information on the invitation's back circle. Set it, with the type facing up, atop the facedown invitation and glue in place. Be sure to let the invitations dry before placing them in mailing envelopes.

Get the invitation.

Large Flying Witch and Bat Silhouettes

Add a large broom-riding witch and swooping bats above your fireplace for Halloween. Get our silhouettes, available below, and take them to a copy shop to get them enlarged and printed to the desired size. Cut out the witch and bat silhouettes and trace onto black poster board using chalk; cut out. Hang the silhouettes on the wall over your fireplace with repositionable mounting putty.

Get the silhouettes.

Witches Hat Stand

Bewitching party guests check their hats on this easy-to-set-up stand. To get it started, print the sign and claim tags, available below, onto cream cardstock; cut out. Frame the hatcheck sign, and punch holes into the claim tags. Attach the tags to hat brims with safety pins. Arrange the entire display on an old metal gate, coatrack, staircase, or closet door.

Get the hatcheck sign.

Get the claim tags.

Witch Silhouette Drink Bottles

Give plain glass jars and bottles a wicked-cool update for Halloween with these witch silhouettes. Print our witch patterns, available below, onto white paper, enlarging or reducing as needed to fit your drink bottles or glasses; cut out to use as templates. Trace the templates onto black self-sticking shelf liner; cut out. Peel off the paper backing and adhere the silhouettes to your drink bottles.

Editor's Tip: Our patterns are free, so print as many as you like and use them to embellish other items, such as vases or decorative plates.

Get the witch silhouette patterns.

Topsy-Turvy Witch Cupcake Toppers

Add our pointy witch shoes to Halloween cupcakes for some party fun. Download our witch shoe pattern, available below, and print onto cream cardstock; cut out. Using white chalk, trace the shoe patterns onto black cardstock; cut out. Cut striped straws into 2-1/4-inch lengths. Cut a tiny slit in each straw and insert the shoe cutouts into the slits, making a pair of witch legs for each cupcake.

Get the witch shoe pattern.

See a chocolate cupcake recipe.

Most Bewitching Witch Party Awards

Give out awards for the cleanest broom, best hat, best potion, and more with these fun witch party awards. To make, follow the instructions for the invitation at the top of this page, substituting an award label, available below, for the front center. Cut out a cardstock circle for the back of the badge, place it over the ribbons, and glue in place. Glue a pin back designed for jewelry to the badge back; let dry.

Get the award labels.

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  1. Thank you for all of these great ideas and free downloads. Greatly appreciated for some of us who do not have time and also are not very crafty. Again Thank you

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