Whimsical Bat Plate for Kids' Halloween Party

Set the table at your next Halloween party with these easy-to-make winged bat plates.

What You'll Need

  • Black cardstock in assorted patterns
  • Assorted scrapbooking paper
  • Circle paper punches or circle stencils
  • Green ink pad and sponge
  • Crafts glue
  • Two 8-1/2-inch clear plastic plates
  • Metal scrapbooking pick tool and self-healing cutting mat
  • Small hammer
  • 10 small brass brads

Download the bat body pattern.

Download the bat wing pattern.

How to Make It

1. Download the free bat body and wing patterns.

2. Cut one bat body and two bat wings from black patterned cardstock.

3. Cut out a mouth and two teeth from scrapbooking paper. Punch or cut a variety of circles to make layered eyes.

4. Ink the edges of the cutouts with green ink. Assemble and glue together the face of the bat as desired, referring to the photo and pattern.

5. Sandwich the bat and wings between two plastic plates, letting the wings bend along the plate edges. Turn plates facedown on cutting mat.

6. Tap five holes through the plate rim at the top center using the pick tool and hammer. Push brads through the holes from the plate front and secure. Repeat with the five remaining brads around the bottom of the plate rim.


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