Create a Winning-Role Trophy

Honor your Halloween party guests by presenting creative-costume trophies throughout the evening.

What You'll Need

For Award or Centerpiece: -- Male doll with plastic hair -- Super Glue (or other quick-drying, extra-strong glue) -- Finishing nails -- 3-1/2-inch-diameter PVC pipe -- Hacksaw -- E6000 adhesive -- Metallic gold spray paint -- 4-inch-diameter wooden plaque -- Glossy photo paper For Centerpiece: -- Heavy paper plate -- Floral-foam half circle -- Artificial red roses

How to Make It


  1. Glue the doll's calves and heels together with Super Glue; let dry. Glue the bottoms of the doll's feet to the center of the wooden plaque; let dry. Reinforce the doll by nailing through the bottom of the plaque into the bottoms of the doll's feet.
  2. Using a hacksaw, cut a 2-inch-wide cross section from PVC pipe. Glue the cross section to the bottom of the wooden plaque with E6000 adhesive.
  3. Spray-paint the doll, the wooden plaque, and the PVC pipe metallic gold. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  4. Print label onto glossy photo paper, cut it out, and use a glue stick to attach it to the base of the award.


  1. To create a level surface for the floral arrangement, extend the doll's arms above its head. Mark a level cutting line through the doll's arms and across the forehead. Using a hacksaw, cut along the line. Follow the instructions for the Award to assemble and paint the base and the doll.
  2. Glue the floral-foam half circle to the center of the paper plate; allow to dry.
  3. Insert artificial red roses into the foam to make a mound. Glue the plate to the top of the doll's head and to the ends of the arms; let dry.


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