Simply Spooky Party Invitations

Invite guests to your fright night with these spooky invitations.

What You Need

  • Computer and printer
  • White letter-size computer printer paper
  • Crafts glue
  • Precut green crafts-foam doorknob hanger
  • Die-cut letters to spell the word Party
  • Black crafts foam
  • Paper punch
  • Small bat shape

How to Make It

  1. In a word-processing or page layout program, print a clip-art haunted house silhouette in a size to fit on the doorknob hanger.
  2. Print out the desired number of copies and cut out the shapes.
  3. Print out the text for the invitation in a size that fits the hanger.
  4. Use white crafts glue to adhere the text block to the back of the hanger.
  5. To give dimension to the haunted house and lettering on the front of the invitation, punch eight to 10 dots from black crafts foam and glue to the back of the letters and the haunted house.
  6. Then glue the letters, the house, and the bat to the doorknob hanger.


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