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There's a good amount of monkey-ing around that occurs in late October, so why not throw a monkey-theme children's Halloween party? We'll guide you through cute crafts, fun games, tasty treats, and more for this fun monkey bash.

Monkey-Theme Halloween Party

There's no better time than Halloween to swing into fun with a kid-friendly sock monkey Halloween party. Not too spooky, but plenty of fun. Guests and parents alike are sure to enjoy monkey-theme invites, treats, and crafts.

Monkey Halloween Party Invitations

These monkey Halloween party invites are a cinch to make and will make quite the impression. Print invitation pieces.; cut out. Attach card pieces to front and inside of folded piece of cardstock. Punch top left-hand corner of the front of the folded card. Punch a small hole into the top hand of the monkey printout. Use a brad fastener to attach monkey to the top of the card.

Sock Monkey How-To

Of course, a monkey party would not be the same without cute sock monkeys to keep guests company. See our instructions and patterns for making a sock monkey using fun patterned fabrics for a fresh spin on a classic.

Halloween Mantel Decorations

By cutting wall accents into simple shapes, you can make quite an impact. Add sock monkeys, spiders, garland, and other Halloween accents for a monkeyworthy mantel.

Candy Corn Relay Race Game

Of course there will be some monkey-ing around at this Halloween get-together. This relay race game is easy to set up and is entertaining for the young ones. Decorate clear buckets with ribbon goal lines and fill a large bowl with candy corn, then let the races begin!

Halloween Matching Game

It's easy to give a classic matching game a Halloween update for your monkey party. Simply print out illustrations (you'll want two of each pattern), attach to stiff 8x8-inch double-sided patterned paper, and laminate to enjoy for Halloweens to come.

Monkey Treat Buckets

Use small orange tin pails, monkey tags, and Halloween treats to make these cute party favors. Simply print a monkey tag, cut out, add a name, and then punch a hole in the top hand of the monkey. Carefully remove one side of the metal bucket handle from bucket and thread punched tag onto handle. Put bucket handle back into place. Fill with treats, such as foil covered chocolates, pencils, and gummies.

Monkey Mask Crafts

These monkey masks serve as a fun craft for kids, as well as a monkey-theme costume. Cut an assortment of colored plates into face shapes. Hot-glue wooden crafts-stick handles to the plate backs. Let children attach precut pieces to the plates with glue dots to create faces, and embellish the masks with glitter and stick-on gems.

Editor's Tip: Once all the masks are made, move kids to a designated "monkey booth" (this could be a corner or a couch) and take fun pictures to e-mail or send to parents for their scrapbooks.

Layered Orange-and-Black Paper Table Cloth

The treat table is sure to be a main attraction, so decorate it with orange and black tissue paper tablecloths. Cut an orange tablecloth to fit your table. Then cut a black tablecloth a bit smaller than the orange. With scissors, cut scallops around the border of the black tablecloth. Layer on table, add sweets, and enjoy!

Monkey Whoopie Pies

These homemade monkey whoopie pies are as adorable as they are tasty. A creamy filling is wedged between two chocolate cookies, while colorful fondant and icing form ears, cheeks, and the rest of the cute, edible features.

Halloween Pumpkin Straws

Cute straws enhance the party's merriment. To make, punch circles out of orange paper using a scalloped-circle punch. Layer eight circles, aligning scallops. Staple in the center of the circles. Fold circles into the center around the staple, half going to one side and half going to the other side to create a 3-D "pumpkin."

Using double-sided tape, attach the straw close to the staple, leaving a green stem peeking out above the paper pumpkin.

Banana-Mango Smoothie

Pumpkin straws work perfectly when placed in banana-mango smoothies. Blend together fresh fruits, apple juice, and honey to create this sweet and tasty monkeyworthy treat.

Monkey Cupcake Toppers and Pumpkin Cupcakes

These masquerading monkey toppers are a quick way to decorate Halloween treats for your monkey bash. Simply print tags, punch out with a scalloped-circle punch, and cut orange straws to make any treat fit the theme.

Monkey Trail Mix

A tasty combination of cereal, peanuts, yogurt-covered raisins -- and banana chips, of course -- makes up this monkeyworthy trail mix. Throw in some candy corn for an extra Halloween touch.

Editor's Tip: Craft tiny baskets out of layered cupcake liners. Use string or pipe cleaners to serve as handles.

Kid-Approved Fruit Dip

This fruit dip, made with an array of delicious ingredients -- including cream cheese and yogurt -- goes hand-in-hand with green grapes and cantaloupe melon balls.

More Kid Halloween Party Ideas

If you're done monkey-ing around with this slideshow, check out our Monster-theme Halloween party for kids.

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