Make Colorful Severed Hands for Halloween

Make these colorful "severed hands" to use at your next Halloween party for holding up table decorations and propping up bowls of food.

What You'll Need

  • Cotton gloves (white or light colored)
  • 12-ounce soda bottles
  • Rocks or gravel (for weighing)
  • Duct tape
  • Aluminum foil
  • Gesso (primer)
  • Acrylic crafts paint: red, yellow, blue, green, black
  • Sponge brushes
  • Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive

How to Make It

  1. For each hand, cut one soda bottle to about 3 3/4 inches tall. Fill the bottom with rocks or gravel for weight and cover the openings with duct tape.
  2. For each hand, tear off three 18-inch lengths of foil (ours was 12 inches wide) and roll each piece into a 12-inch-long tube.
  3. Cut two of the tubes in half for four finger pieces; slip each tube into a finger (the tubes will be longer than the fingers). Use the third tube to fill the thumb and snake back and forth (one time) to fill the palm area.
  4. Slip the glove over the base of the soda bottle and then shape the fingers.
  5. Using a sponge brush, paint the gloves with a coat of gesso and let it dry. Then paint the gloves with one coat of paint. Let the paint dry thoroughly, and then touch up any missed spots. If you need to reshape the hand or fingers, you still can do so after the paint dries. Note: For added strength, use hotmelt adhesive to secure the cuff to the soda bottle.


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