Scare-Them-Silly Party

This party is sure to be a howling success.
Top off the event by serving Magically Delicious Hats.

Invitation: Purchase a medium-size paper skeleton at a discount or party store. Take the "bones" apart and write the party information on the bones, putting at least five or six bones in each envelope. Use parchment envelopes for a fun effect. If Halloween stamps are available, use these to put on the envelope and mail.

Decorating: Visit a local theatrical or discount store to find inexpensive masks and other Halloween items such as fake eyeballs, vampire teeth, spiders and webs, and witch hats. Use these items throughout your haunted home. Play eerie music in the background (tapes and CDs are available in music and discount stores). Turn the lights low and keep a lot of candles burning in safe areas. Remember to put them high if little goblins will be attending the party.

Crafts: Lay out an assortment of materials such as paints, jewels, feathers, markers, etc. and give guests a plain mask to decorate as they wish.

Plain masks (full face or eye) are available at theatrical shops and discount stores.


  • What Am I? Fill a witch hat with a mix of Halloween "touchables." Let guests feel (but not peek at!) the items and write down as many as they think they can identify. Be sure to include such things as hard-boiled eggs, olives, and cooked or dry spaghetti.
  • Fang Find: Draw a life-size vampire (or purchase a paper decoration) on butcher paper. Tape it on a wall. Cut triangular pieces from white stickers. Blindfold each guest, one at a time. Give two "fangs" to each guest and have guests try to place the stickers on the vampire mouth.


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