Pumpkin Patch Party for Kids

Good old-fashioned jack-o'-lanterns rule at this Halloween bash for kids of all ages. Inexpensive store-bought materials and basic how-to projects make it quick and easy to put together this fun-filled party.

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    Party Like a Pumpkin

    Set a Halloween scene that's merry, not scary. For an inexpensive yet clever table, use steel garbage cans as legs for a plywood tabletop covered with rickrack-trimmed burlap. Use the generous space to spread out snacks, treats, and party favors. A dish drainer makes a handy holder for plates.

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    Gather the Ghouls Party Invitation

    Give a hint to all the bewitching party fun to come with easy-to-make pumpkin invites made from cardstock. Just fold a piece of orange cardstock in half and cut a circle, leaving a stem intact at the fold. Trim out a mouth and add a message inside. Stickers, cardstock, or black markers are all you need to embellish your grinning invite.

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    Pumpkin Garland

    Set the party scene with this unique and fun accordion-style pumpkin garland.

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    Ghostly Delights

    Tissue-paper circles embellished with punched shapes turn store-bought suckers into merry jack-o'-lanterns. For a ghostly effect, display them in a mini pumpkin container resting on top of an upside-down glass covered with cheesecloth.

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    Pumpkin Thermos Drinks

    Set up a drink station in the corner of a room where kids can mix and mingle while partaking of their favorite beverages labeled with cute foam pumpkin labels.

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    Say Cheese!

    Kids will devour these open-face bologna-and-cheese sandwiches. They're a cinch to make: Use small cookie cutters to create the cheese faces. A basil leaf and bread-crust stem complete the pumpkin package.

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    Serving Up the Theme

    Embellish orange paper plates with craft-foam stems and chenille vines to turn them into pumpkins that coordinate with the party theme.

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    Simply Cute Bat Bowl

    For a cute, simple way to serve party treats to your goblin guests, add bat wings to a plastic pumpkin bowl.

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    Pumpkin Toss Game

    Ready, set, toss! This pumpkin toss game is sure to score big with party guests.

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    Having a Ball

    Turn orange table-tennis balls into mini pumpkins for the pumpkin toss game (see the previous slide) by drawing pumpkin faces with permanent marker onto the sides.

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    Pumpkin Lunch Box

    Who knew a plain lunch box could end up so cute? Prep silver lunch boxes by painting them orange, then give kids a few supplies to create their own ghoulish pumpkin grins on the lid. (See the next slide for ideas for decorating the lunch boxes.)

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    Pumpkin Lunch Box

    Use self-adhesive magnets to attach decorations to the metal lunch boxes. Let kids stick magnets to the backs of painted wooden shapes and alphabet game pieces, then arrange and rearrange them on the box.

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    Pumpkin Noisemakers

    What would a celebration be without the merry clatter of noisemakers? For a great party favor, kids can easily create these personalized pumpkin-face shakers.

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    Ghoul Favor Cups

    Transform orange and black paper cups into frightfully fun take-home treat containers.

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