Owl Table Runner for Kids' Halloween Party

Sew a colorful corduroy runner with owl embellishments to decorate your Halloween party table.

What You'll Need

  • Fabric: reddish-orange corduroy, green corduroy, light green cotton
  • Fabric scissors, needle, and thread
  • Decorative fabric ribbon
  • Fabric glue
  • Felt: yellow, brown, purple
  • Letter stencils

For the owl:

  • Felt: brown, yellow, white, green
  • Scissors and 1-inch circle paper punch
  • Orange paper
  • Different-size googly eyes
  • Fabric glue

Note: Add 1/2-inch seam allowances to each measurement.

Download the free owl pattern

How to Make It

1. Download the free owl pattern.

2. From the reddish-orange corduroy fabric, cut a piece to the desired width of the finished table runner and 2-3 inches longer than the length of the tabletop, adding seam allowances and positioning the corduroy wale (ridges) to run across the width of the table runner.

3. From the green corduroy fabric, cut two pieces to the desired width of the finished table runner and desired length to hang down from ends of the tabletop, adding seam allowances. Position the wale of the green corduroy to run vertically down from the tabletop.

4. Lay the reddish-orange piece flat with right side up; position each green piece on top of the ends of the reddish-orange piece with right sides facing and edges aligned. Pin in place, then stitch fabrics together 1/2 inch from each outer end. Open fabrics to reveal top of table runner; press seam allowances open on wrong side.

5. Cut two pieces of ribbon to the width of the table runner, including seam allowances. Stitch each ribbon piece over each seam where the corduroy fabrics meet on the right side of the fabric.

6. From light green cotton fabric, cut piece to desired width and length of finished table runner, adding seam allowances. With right sides facing, stitch light green backing and corduroy top together, leaving opening to turn runner right side out; hand-stitch opening closed.

7. For the owl, trace the body and tail pattern onto brown felt. Cut and glue ribbon along the outline of the tail; attach tail under the edge of the body.

8. From yellow felt, cut two wings; from orange paper, cut one belly. From felt and paper, cut or punch circle eye pieces. Assemble the owl, and glue a different-size googly eye on each eye. From yellow and white felt, cut two irregular triangles for the beak; glue together. Glue the wings and belly to the owl body first, they layer on the eyes and beak. Make two owls, one for each end of the table runner.

9. Use fabric glue to secure an owl to each end of the table runner, aligning the bottom of the owl body with the edge of the runner, letting tail hang below.

10. From yellow, brown, and purple felt, cut the letters for "Having Fun" and glue to one end of the runner around the owl. Cut out another set of letters and glue to the other end of the table runner.


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