Monster Madness Halloween Party for Kids

Take some of the fright out of Halloween while preserving all the fun! This friendly monster-theme party is just right for younger kids who want in on the Halloween festivities.

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    Monster Invitations

    Skip the scary Halloween fete and host a friendly monster bash party, perfect for little ones who aren't into ghosts and goblins. Spread the word about your party with our fun invitations. Download our free template and start inviting guests. Then start planning your monster-ific get-together. We'll show you how: colorful decorations, fun activities, and a buffet fit for any creature.

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    Monster Bash Banner

    Welcome young guests to the party with a colorful "Monster Bash" banner. On pieces of scrapbooking paper, draw several triangles -- each triangle should have a 5-inch-wide base and two 7-inch-tall sides -- and a small circle to fit on each pennant. (Try using a jar lid or an upside-down glass as a circle template.) Cut out the shapes. Make extras in case more are needed to lengthen the banner to hang. Adhere contrasting circles to pennants, and glue chipboard letters atop circles to spell out message. In each triangle's upper corners, punch holes to hold grommets and add grommets. Cut a length of ribbon and string it through the grommets to hang the banner.

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    VIP Guest: Girl Monster

    Don't forget to invite these gentle giants. The silly monster paper cutouts add fun to the party scene. Download our free template and print to your desired size. Trace the pieces onto the back of wrapping or scrapbook paper. Cut out all the pieces. Outline the edges and details with a black marker. Glue smaller details to the torso and let dry. Tape figures to the inside of glass-paned doors, windows, or walls. Go to the next slide for the boy monster.

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    VIP Guest: Boy Monster

    Don't forget to invite the boy monster. Download our free template and print to your desired size. Trace the pieces onto the back of wrapping or scrapbook paper. Cut out all the pieces. Outline the edges and details with a black marker. Glue smaller details to the torso and let dry. Tape figures to the inside of glass-paned doors, windows, or walls.

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    Monster Cupakes

    Brightly colored icings, fondants, and candies transform plain cupcakes into monster masterpieces. Follow our step-by-step decorating instructions, using fondant, icing, and sprinkles to embellish your creations.

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    Monster Brownie Pops

    These artful Brownie Pops will be gone in the blink of an eye. A packaged brownie mix is baked in a special cupcake-shape mold and the brownies are adorned with fondant and more. To display, place a piece of florist's foam inside square vases trimmed with ric-rac. Stick flowers into the foam for a decorative base then insert the brownie pops.

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    Brownie Pop Fun

    Kids will love comparing Brownie Pops. Encourage kids to give their monsters silly names.

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    Beastie Bites Buffet

    For non-sweet treats, serve up some monster-theme fare, such as "fish heads" (miniature fish-shape crackers), "monster bones" (carrot sticks), "tentacles" (pickle slices), "eyeballs" (green olives), and "brains" (cauliflower and broccoli). Serve in clear dishes and label with the foods' special nom de plume.

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    Candy Label Ideas

    You can never have too much candy at Halloween. Fill more clear dishes with green "scales" (jelly beans), "monster hair" (black licorice), and "fangs" (candy corn). Stroll down the candy aisle and find more candies to fit the monster theme.

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    Deep Sea Creature Punch

    Serve blue punch in a large clear punch bowl and drape a gummy octopus over the side, making sure its tentacles trail out of the bowl. Cast a pair of eyeballs to keep a watchful gaze over the food spread. To make the eyeballs, hollow out small holes in two large marshmallows and insert black gummy candies for pupils. Stick the marshmallows together and float them in the punch bowl.

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    Monster-Themed Activities

    After the food is gobbled up, keep the party going with monster-theme activities. Cover a table with colorful oil cloth to protect the surface from stray coloring marks during craft time.

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    Monster Coloring Pages

    You provide the materials and your little guests can do the rest. Download our monster coloring sheets, make plenty of copies, and provide a rainbow's worth of makers. Then let artists-in-training work their creative magic.

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    Monster Cardboard Standup

    This is one time when it's okay to act like a monster. Kids will enjoy taking on beastly character roles while standing behind these cutouts of monstrous proportions. (Well, monstrous if you're under the age of 5.) Be sure to have a camera handy!

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    Picture Perfect Party Favors

    If you have access to a photo printer, set it up at the party and print out photos of the kids posing behind the monster cutouts (previous slide). Download our free picture frame template before the party and print several onto magnetic printer paper. Cut along scalloped edges and cut out the frame center. Place a frame and the printed picture in an envelope as a take-home party favor.

    Editor's Tip: If you don't have a portable printer, print the photos after the party and mail or hand-deliver with a frame as a "thanks for coming" gift.

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    Monster Puzzles

    Apply the monster theme to wooden puzzles. Each one requires one of our free monster images, a few wood cuts, and some decoupage action.

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    Solve the Puzzle

    Mix up all the guests' puzzle pieces, reserving the pieces at the very top of the puzzles (monster's eyes puzzle piece). Give each child a top puzzle piece and have each kid scout out the rest of their puzzle from the mash up of pieces.

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    Halloween Goodie Bags

    Decorate drawstring fabric bags with Halloween-theme trim and name tags. Use bags that are the right size to hold puzzle pieces and any other goodies, favors, or parting gifts you decide to hand out.

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    More Kid-Friendly Party Ideas

    Get ideas and patterns for hosting a Halloween Party with a friendly Count Dracula theme.

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