Last-Minute Halloween Party Hacks

halloween monster wreath
Host a Halloween party with ease thanks to these fun last-minute Halloween hacks. We're sharing devilish ideas for spooky decor, festive foods, and easy party drinks. Enjoy all the treats with these clever tricks.

Spooky Halloween Donuts

No time to bake? No biggie! Grab a dozen glazed donuts from the nearest shop and get decorating. These monster-dipped treats are the ultimate Halloween dessert and only you'll know just how easy they are. 

Printable Wine Labels

Need a quick Halloween treat? Gift a cheeky bottle of wine decked with a free printable label. After all, we're only here for the boos. 

Speedy Spider Wreath

Grab your hot-glue gun! This easy Halloween wreath is ready in just minutes. To create, glue plastic spiders to a white foam wreath form and hang with a bright ribbon.

Dipped Oreo Monsters

Everyone's favorite cookie is dressed for your next Halloween party! Dip chocolate sandwich cookies in colored candy melt and add spooky embellishments. Dessert's done.

Ghostly Punch

It wouldn't be a Halloween party without punch! Skip the ice cubes and freeze up a batch of spooky ghosts. It's as easy as spreading homemade whipped cream in molds. Pop them out of the freezer and you're ready to go. 

Halloween Wreath Under $5

This Halloween hack starts in your backyard. Spooky Halloween decor doesn't have to be scary expensive. To make this wreath, gather some sticks, glue to a cardboard circle, and embellish with faux webs and spiders. 

Spooky Snack Mix

Need a kid-friendly Halloween party favor? Package up some purchased snacks and finish with a fun printable label. Kids will love them and you'll love how easy they were to make. 

Cookie Cutter Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving should be fun and easy! This pumpkin carving hack is as easy as grabbing cookie cutters from the kitchen. 

Mummy Dogs

Halloween party food doesn't have to be frighteningly complicated. These three-ingredient mummy dogs are ready in just 20 minutes. That's a wrap.

Spooky Snack Mix

This bag of bones is as easy as tossing white chocolate pretzels and marshmallows in a bag. Use an edible marker to add the smiling skeleton faces. Whip up a big batch and you've got our favorite easy Halloween party snack. 

Last-Minute Printables

This Halloween food hack is as easy as hitting print. Purchased treats become party-ready when packed up in bags and finished with our printable label.

Candy-Coated Pumpkin

Don't stash all that candy in your trick-or-treat bag! Decorate your Halloween pumpkin with brightly colored sweets. It's as easy as getting out your hot-glue gun. 

Last-Minute Costume

Don't head to the store for a quick Halloween costume. This fun DIY couple's costume idea starts with solid-color attire. Simply add a felt letter for salt and pepper. Top with a chef's hat and you're ready to go.


Easy Kid's Costume

An oversize cardboard star is the key to this quick kid's costume. Add a coat of glitter and some twinkle lights and your little one will be ready for the Halloween festivities. 

Candy Corn Game

Keep the kids entertained with this easy Halloween party game hack. It all starts with a bag of candy corn and a glass bowl. Have guests guess how many pieces are in the bowl and award the winner with the candy!

Easy Halloween Party Game

Here's a fun Halloween hack! Paint a bucket orange and adorn it with a jack-o'-lantern face cut from black electrical tape. During the Halloween party, let the kids try tossing a ball into the bucket. 

Chalkboard Pumpkin

Instead of carving your pumpkin, give it a coat of black chalkboard paint. Let it dry and it's done! Decorate and redecorate it all Halloween night long. 

Easy Luminaries

You won't believe what gives these Halloween luminaries their eerie glow: masking tape! Print our free pattern and get sticking.

Bat Window Decorations

Create a cluster of spooky bat decals minutes before party time. This Halloween decorating hack starts with our free printable stencils. 

Scary Spider Web

Have a roll of black tape? Your Halloween party decorating is done! Simply stick it your front door or window for an eerie display that's ready in minutes. 

Pumpkin Drink Garnish

This jack-o'-lantern adds a spooky touch to your Halloween cocktail. Get the look by carving a face into a halved clementine. Finish with a wooden skewer through the top. 

Pumpkin Party Hats

This Halloween craft for kids is the cutest thing we've ever seen! A painted paper bowl creates the base for this fun pumpkin hat. Finish with a cardboard stem and chenille stem vines.

Pumpkin Pie Shake

This delicious Halloween dessert is all about pumpkin pie. Blend up a slice in your favorite vanilla milkshake and you've got an easy party dessert in no time. 

Pom-Pom Monster Wreath

Halloween decor doesn't have to be gruesome! This adorable monster wreath is ready in minutes thanks to a pile of handmade yarn pom-poms and purchased eyes. 

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