Hot dogs turn fabulous when garbed in formal attire. Wrap wieners in black and white tissue papers and accessorize with red card-stock bow ties held together with red brads.

June 09, 2015
  • Butcher paper
  • Black tissue paper
  • Double-stick adhesive tape
  • Red card stock
  • Red brad

How to Make It

  1. For each hot dog, cut one 9-inch square from butcher paper; fold over 1/2 inch on two adjacent sides.
  2. From black tissue paper cut two 8-1/2-inch squares. Place the layered black squares on top of the butcher paper, slipping the black squares under the folds of the butcher paper. Secure with double-stick adhesive as desired.
  3. Place the square on a flat surface, black side down, with the unfolded point toward you. Fold down the opposite point 2 inches.
  4. Place the hot dog in a bun, and then place the top of the bun atop the folded point. Fold one side of the tuxedo paper over the bun, fold up the bottom, and then fold over the remaining side. Secure with tape.
  5. Trace the bow tie pattern onto red paper; cut it out. Cut a 3/8-x-8-1/2-inch strip from red paper. Secure the bow to the center of the strip with a brad. Wrap the strip around the bun and secure with tape.
Download bow tie patterns


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