35 Halloween Decor Themes to Inspire Your Spooktacular Party

flying brooms halloween decor
Photo: Anthony Masterson

Want to host a Halloween theme party but aren't sure where to start? Browse our creative Halloween party themes—for kids and adults—to get inspired by decorating ideas and delicious menus and recipes. Find the perfect theme with our indoor and outdoor Halloween party decorations, party props, monster party ideas, and circus party ideas that will make you the ultimate Halloween party planner. Plus, get our free Halloween party printables!

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Rustic Witches

flying brooms halloween decor
Anthony Masterson

Invite your gal pals for a witch's night in! Party decorations are as simple as a few carefully placed wooden-and-straw brooms and a bin full of decorated pumpkins. Buffalo check pumpkins in a galvanized bucket such as a galvanized beverage tub, ($31.99, Wayfair) match this theme perfectly. Plus, you can use the tubs to decorate your home when the party is over. After the decor is set, make a big batch of witch's brew. For inspiration, check out some of our favorite Halloween cocktail recipes.

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Halloween in the Desert Party

dessert halloween party decor
Anthony Masterson

Halloween doesn't necessarily mean falling leaves and a chill in the air, depending on the climate. Desert-themed Halloween party decorations feature bedecked cacti and spider web dream catchers made with string. If you invite kids to this party, turn the decorations into activity stations! Big kids can make their own webs, and the little ones can be tasked with making the tassels out of green and orange yarn. This party has something for everyone!

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Black and White Bash

eek! halloween porch banner
Cameron Sadeghpour

Black and white with pops of orange make for the perfect Halloween color scheme—and party theme! Drum up some DIY outdoor Halloween decorations for your porch with an easy-to-make wreath, painted pumpkins, and pumpkin topiaries. Black and white cups, napkins, and plates are easy to find. Play up the black and white Halloween party theme with black bats and white pumpkins.

For the wreath:

Wrap a foam wreath in alternating black and white yarn, then secure the ends with hot glue. Embellish the center of the wreath with purchased decorations, such as a web and glittery spider.

For the topiaries:

  1. Gather three pumpkins of descending sizes.
  2. Spraypaint the middle pumpkin white, then block off stripes with painters tape and paint these sections black.
  3. Drill holes through the pumpkins and mount them on a metal stake secured on a foam block.
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Silly Halloween Kids' Party

halloween photo backdrop kids
Anthony Masterson

Adding a DIY photo booth to your kids' Halloween party ensures unforgettable party memories. Frame the setting with orange curtains, a patterned garland, and a few batty party crashers. Keep plenty of playful props-on-a-stick at hand for party posers. Station an adult in front of the booth with a camera to capture everybody's jack-o-lantern-worthy smiles.

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Grown-Up Gathering

trick treat fireplace letters
Jay Wilde

We know trick-or-treating is fun for the kids. But adults need to celebrate too! So why not throw a trick-or-treat time-out party by inviting your friends and their kids to trick-or-treat in your neighborhood? Have a few adults at a time take the kids door-to-door. At the same time, the other grown-ups can hang back to enjoy drinks, snacks, and adult conversations at this grown-ups-only Halloween party. It's a win-win for everyone!

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Halloween Ombre Brunch

halloween pumpkin place setting
Jacob Fox

Don't limit Halloween celebrations to after dark! Cute and fuzzy spiders, combined with ombre-painted pumpkins, are the perfect Halloween party decorations to add to a delicious brunch spread. Spray paint transforms white faux pumpkins into Halloween brunch party decorations. A coordinating table runner means your tablescape is social media-ready.

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Harvest Halloween Party

wheel barrel fall decor
Helen Norman

Try a backyard get-together that celebrates Halloween and Autumn for a fun fall celebration. Cozy details, such as pumpkin centerpieces, ciders, and delicious seasonal dishes, make this party easy to plan and enjoy. If you aren't into Halloween costumes, just cozy up in flannel.

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Batty Porch Party

paper lanterns halloween porch
Cameron Sadeghpour

Make unique, eye-catching Halloween party decorations with a grouping of hanging paper lanterns and bats cut out of black vinyl shelf liner. Paint some pumpkins, tie back curtains with orange flagging tape, and arrange faux spiders on a set of throw pillows for extra Halloween party decorations. A decked-out porch is perfect for adults to watch the kids' Halloween party. Let it be the station for snacks and drinks, as well.

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Spooky Supper

spooky table setting
Adam Albright

It's not just a Halloween party—it's a super-spooky Halloween dinner party. Inviting your guests for dinner means you only need to decorate a few rooms to seem like the ultimate Halloween party planner. Flickering candlelight is the key to an elegant table setting and a spooky Halloween mood. Candlesticks of varying heights mean flickering shadows of different sizes and shapes.

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Halloween Candy Party

Halloween Candy Station
Alexandra Grablewski

Trick-or-treat, keep it sweet! Why should trick-or-treaters be the only ones indulging their sweet tooth on Halloween? Instead of sneaking candy bars out of the kids' Halloween bags, throw a sweet soiree of your own. Create a DIY display that allows guests to fill their goody bags with the candy they choose to take home from the Halloween party.

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Halloween Picnic Party

halloween decor table setting
Brie Williams

A backyard party provides a perfect Halloween party theme. Dress up your table with Halloween plaid linens, black-and-white plates, and webby black chargers. Spider and pumpkin decor adds just the right additional Halloween party decor, and a witch's hat centerpiece is the ultimate finishing touch. Predicting Halloween weather can be tricky, so a great Halloween party planner should have an indoor plan B. Bring in blankets for your guests to sit and dine on if necessary. An indoor picnic is still a Halloween picnic!

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Comfortable Celebrations

Halloween Farmhouse Decorating Firelplace
Jay Wilde

Halloween party decorations don't mean ignoring your year-round taste. Adding a few neutral touches of indoor Halloween decor to what your home usually looks like means your guests will feel comfortable at your home and your Halloween party. Plus, simply chic decor signals that this event is for adults—time to relax without the kids!

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Beguiling Buffet

Halloween table window decor
Brie Williams

A whimsical buffet perfectly combines spooky, warm, and mysterious. Ivory pumpkins and vintage china offset the black gauze window coverings, skeletal hands, and observant ravens that you can use as Halloween party decorations year after year. Lit candles and tiny branches create shadows that will change as the sun goes down.

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Subtle Sparkle Skeleton

halloween doorway mother son
Anthony Masterson

These family-friendly outdoor Halloween decorations are simple and subtle and just spooky enough. Dress up a skeleton in its Halloween best—a party hat, bow tie, and a coat of shiny copper spray paint. Surround it with pumpkins and creepy crawlers so guests know where the party is. Set up similar decor inside with pumpkin centerpieces and copper mugs. Try painting a few pumpkins with metallic spray paint to add even more shine to your Halloween party theme.

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In the Spirit Halloween Party Decorations

halloween party table decorations
David Prince

Sometimes the best Halloween party theme is...Halloween! Here are some Halloween party decorations that are fun for all ages! Bright orange pops against black-and-white decor. Black-and-white striped pumpkins are a fun and graphic accent, while classic silhouettes painted on orange pumpkins give a vintage feel. A DIY man-in-the-moon lantern watches over the food buffet filled with crowd-pleasing eats.

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Pumpkin Painting Party

family painting pumpkins
Laura Moss

Round up family and friends for the easiest Halloween theme ever: a pumpkin painting party! You're already putting up decorations; why not spend time together while making them? Before guests arrive, paint a few pumpkins of your own. They'll serve as artistic inspiration and party decorations! Set out acrylic paints and paper plates and let kids mix to their heart's content. Provide small pumpkins or gourds—or tell guests to BYOP (bring your own paint).

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Kids' Halloween Pet Party

Kids Halloween Party
Adam Albright

Halloween party ideas don't have to be dark or scary! With cuteness in mind, pick a Halloween party theme: a puppies and kitties party! Gather black and orange decor to set the room for Halloween, and use our free downloads to add fun games, posters, and printables. Each guest goes home with a coloring book and treat-filled doggy bag!

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Must-Try Halloween Disguise Bar

A forgotten side table becomes a party destination when you stock it with a few fun disguises for your guests. Remember, the goofier the Halloween party props, the louder the laughs!

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Glittering Gala Party

Halloween party invitation
Jacob Fox

Why shouldn't the grownups get in on the Halloween party fun? Choose glam as the Halloween party theme at your adult Halloween party. Spray-paint pumpkins metallic gold, set out light gold taper candles, and use accents of black lace and feathers. Sophisticated appetizers like charcuterie boards and crostini are sure to please guests whose palates stretch beyond chicken nuggets and macaroni.

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Kids' Spooky Forest Halloween Party

Green Halloween Garland
Anthony Masterson

Try our cute nature-inspired kids' Halloween party decorations, and create a playful forest in your living room. Spray-paint branches and hang paper bats for a look that's slightly spooky without being too scary. Pops of bright green in both decor and food liven things up. We have the downloads to make creating this forest party theme a breeze!

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Candy Halloween Party

Candy Corn Halloween Decor
Alexandra Grablewski

For many, candy is the most anticipated part of Halloween. Why not celebrate those once-a-year treats by making them the star of the show? Stock up on candy corn, caramel apples, and black and orange goodies to use as edible treats and party decorations. Our free party downloads help you pull the Halloween party theme together with goodie bags, invites, and labels.

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Raven Halloween Party

Raven Silhouetted Invitation
Jay Wilde

Go for a sophisticated spooky with an Edgar Allan Poe-themed Halloween dinner party. Decorative birds (especially ravens), feather decor, and a themed menu make for an unforgettable evening.

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Vintage Halloween Party

pumpkin cat halloween decor
David Prince

Let playful vintage decor be the basis for a nostalgic Halloween party theme. Old-timey cutouts of black cats and jack-o'-lanterns transport guests back in time, while fresh pops of white, black, and orange make the scheme timeless. Your next Halloween theme get-together will be the cat's meow!

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Bewitching Adult Halloween Party

Adult Halloween Party Entrance
Jay Wilde

Grown-up activities and focusing on Halloween's mischievous (not menacing) side make for a fun adult Halloween party. We have dozens of free downloadable patterns to make pulling together the Halloween party theme easy: party signs, candy labels, and theme tags.

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Outdoor Buffet Halloween Party

outdoor halloween party table
David Tsay

Set the scene for a spooky soiree in your own backyard with easy outdoor Halloween party decorations. This Halloween theme party uses eye-catching paper fans, a banner spelling "potions," grab-and-go food, and painted pumpkins propped against thrifty tables. Everything you need for a wonderful welcome!

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Crime Lab Halloween Party

forensic theme party invitation
Jay Wilde

Inquiring minds want to know: How are you celebrating this Halloween? Bring together scientists of all ages for a crime-scene investigator evening. Think of this Halloween party idea as a less scary version of a murder mystery party. This Halloween party theme includes food and drink formulas your guests are sure to love.

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Alice in Wonderland Halloween Party

Alice-theme playing cards
Alise O'Brien

Who doesn't want to don a mad hatter's Halloween costume? Host an eccentric Halloween-themed party modeled after the teatime soiree from Lewis Carroll's classic childhood tale. The festivities include dramatic decor, funky food, and eccentric entertainment sure to wow your guests. Encourage your guests to dress as their favorite characters.

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Gothic Halloween Party

pick your poison drink stand
Greg Scheidemann

Invite friends to celebrate this Halloween theme in full Gothic regalia. Usher in the spooky sensations with haunted house-worthy Halloween party decorations and a ghoul-inspired buffet. Inspire your guests with ghoulish cocktails, adorned menus, and an over-the-top costume.

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Kids' Carnival Halloween Party

halloween decor treat stand
Reed Davis

Come one! Come all! Step right up for a good time at this carnival-themed Halloween party. These Halloween party ideas include traditional carnival games with a spooky twist and favorite treats from the midway. So who's ready for popcorn?

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Hollywood Halloween Party

directors clap board snacks
Cameron Sadeghpour

Lights, camera, action! Be a star at this Halloween theme party. Invite guests to dress like movie stars and host an Oscars-style gala in their honor. Roll out a red carpet for guests to walk as they enter, and be sure to send them home with Halloween-themed swag bags.

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Family-Friendly Halloween Party

halloween decor treat table
Greg Scheidemann

Halloween fun is for all ages! Invite both adults and kids to celebrate together with cute Halloween party decorations and a buffet composed of easy-to-make yet delicious foods, like mummy dogs. This Halloween party theme keeps it simple, family-friendly, and fun.

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Eerie Halloween Wedding Party

halloween party cocktail hour
Greg Scheidemann

The bride wore...fright! Poke fun at tradition by putting an ominous spin on wedding customs with a creepy Halloween theme wedding-reception party. Party decorations can be black and white takes on Halloween classics, like pumpkins and skeletons.

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Colorful Halloween Party

fall theme party decor
Michael Garland

A unique color palette and harvest-themed accents make these Halloween party ideas a standout. Natural neutrals like green, white, and brown mix with the traditional pop of orange for a cheerful Halloween party setting. Plenty of sweets and fun party decorations will enchant and delight guests as they gather around the table.

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Monster Bash Halloween Party

Monster Bash Kids Party
Jay Wilde

Halloween celebrations don't have to be spooky to be spectacular! The monsters at this Halloween party are definitely more fun than frightening. Our monster Halloween party ideas include fun treats, cute decorations, and simple activities that make it the perfect Halloween party theme for younger kids.

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Champagne Masquerade

spooky mask sign
Monica Buck

Host an adults-only masquerade party if you're looking for a classy way to celebrate Halloween with your friends. A wine-and-champagne corner follows the Halloween party theme, while the candlelit buffet table feels posh decked out in black and gold. Don't be afraid of the classic Halloween kitsch—add a few dolled-up pumpkins to your party decorations.

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