Host the Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Party

Bring on your pumpkin carving skills. It's time for a pumpkin carving party, with pumpkin party decorations, pumpkin party activities, and of course, pumpkin carving food. We'll get your pumpkin carving competition started with free downloadable templates.

Send a Fun Invitation

Skip the e-vite and send a real invitation, hand-made by you, to get your guests in the DIY spirit. You can use our free download templates and tutorials to make your own pumpkin carving party invitation. 

Add Pumpkin Party Decorations

The hardest part about making this garland is deciding what you want your pumpkin garland message to say. We've done words and phrases for our pumpkin themed parties, including "let's have fun" and "trick or treat." Use it to direct your guests to the treats table, or to welcome them to your party.

Use Pumpkins as Decorations

Let the pumpkins do the talking! You can carve, write, paint, even use buttons to spell out your own Halloween message on pumpkins. Use these pumpkins as pumpkin carving party decorations, then display them on Halloween.

Pick Your Pumpkin Style

How can you win a pumpkin carving contest if you haven't done your research? To be fair, allow your guests to choose from our free downloadable templates, which you can print out before the party. Skip the fancy tools and use your kitchen utensils (or have guests bring their own) to create unique pumpkin designs.

Ok, No-Carve Is An Option

We get it. Carving pumpkins can be really messy. Keep the fun and skip the mess by holding a no-carve pumpkin decorating contest! Give your guests lots of craft supplies, or challenge them to paint pumpkin designs. We've even got a guide to decorating your pumpkins with produce, which is perfect if no one is touching the veggie snack tray. 

Pumpkin Cupcakes!

Populate your sweet-treat pumpkin patch with regular and mini Halloween pumpkin cupcakes.

To decorate the fall cupcakes, follow these steps:

1. Frost cupcakes with orange frosting and dust with orange sprinkles.

2. Use a wooden skewer to draw pumpkin veins radiating from the center to the outer edge of the cupcakes.

3. Break large pretzel rods into small pieces, and stick into the top of the pumpkin cupcakes for stems.

Pumpkin Cakes

Carve into this look-alike pumpkin cake for a festive Halloween party dessert.

Carve into this look-alike pumpkin bundt cake recipe for a festive Halloween party dessert. Don't worry if you're not a fan of squash. This pumpkin cake dessert idea is flavored with vanilla and almond -- and only looks like a squash.

Boo Bottles and Beverages

Paint these fun pumpkin faces onto glass bottles and fill with a spooky Halloween punch. Use jack-o-lantern stickers (or make your own by cutting shapes out of adhesive black vinyl) to decorate clear glasses or drink bottles for an extra festive touch.

Give them Pumpkin Poo

You could go the healthy route, and send pumpkin seeds home from the carvings, or you can send your guests home with a bag of pumpkin poo. Buy in bulk and divvy up treats for a cost-saving favor idea. Choose your bag size and print labels to coordinate. Fill bags with the Halloween treats of your choice. Fold labels in half lengthwise and secure with double-stick tape.


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