14 Hauntingly Clever Halloween Party Ideas for Adults


Halloween isn't just for kids! Throw a Hallows Eve-theme party for your best "groan-up" friends. Explore our best Halloween party ideas with party games, food, and drinks—all for adults!

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Trick or Treat?

Candy Station

Adult Halloween party doesn't have to mean scary. Create an adorable Halloween centerpiece with candy, paper bake cups, and a cake stand. Our free downloadable colorful toppers inject Halloween phrases into your decor, while a candy-decked pumpkin serves as a focal point. For some devilish fun, buy a box of trick candy and mix the good and bad flavors. Is it lime, or grass flavored? Your guests will be treated just as often as they're tricked.

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Here Lies My Liquor

Pick Your Poison sign

Let your guests "pick their poison" with a DIY drinks menu reminiscent of tombstones. All you need are frames of two sizes, painted to match, foam core, and a small chalkboard or board covered in chalk paint.

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We're Batty for these Garlands

Halloween decorations

Foam shapes and cleverly cut paper straws form two adorable Halloween garlands that are super easy. They're so simple, you can whip them up an hour before the party. Use our easy instructions to make your own garland, plus see more of our best Halloween DIY ideas for decorating your grown-up gathering.

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BOOze Labels

Halloween wine labels

Give your coven—we mean, squad—a bottle of laughs with these wine labels. All you need to create these DIY wine bottles is our free downloadable template! Print and cut the labels, then wrap them around the wine or liquor bottles for your party. Secure the labels with double-sided tape and serve up a creepy cocktail.

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Sweet Treats

Creamy Halloweeny Push Up Pops
Kritsada Panichgul

Candy corn is the Halloween treat that people either love or can't stand—which means serving it at a party can be a gamble. This Halloween, satisfy everyone's sweet tooth with an adorable cake pop version of the classic candy! Start with cake and icing in the traditional candy colors and create a layered design inside push-up containers.

For other sweet (not spooky) treats, try these marshmallow ghost and ghouls pops or these Mummy Dogs.

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Delicious Mummy Dogs


These tasting mummified hot dogs aren't just for kids. Store-bought frankfurters get dressed up as mummy hot dogs with a simple bread stick wrap. As a bonus, this finger food can be made in under 20 minutes.

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We Drink Blood, Darling


Display different shaped glasses and tempt the local vampires with a Blood Bath Martini. The trick to the blood-rimmed glasses? Red decorating icing gel.

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Misfortune Cookies

Custom Fortune Cookies

Swap out the sayings in this recipe for some more devilish misfortune. We suggest:

You have turned into your mother.

You'll never be taken off the call list for telemarketers.

Are you sure you turned the oven off?

That's not a good color for you.

Your number will soon come up at the IRS.

You will meet a short, stinky, unattractive stranger.

Everyone saw you double-dip.

You've got something in your teeth.

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Boo Bottles and Beverages

Jack o’ Lantern Drinks

Paint these fun pumpkin faces onto glass bottles and fill with a spooky Halloween punch. Use jack-o-lantern stickers (or make your own by cutting shapes out of adhesive black vinyl) to decorate clear glasses or drink bottles for an extra festive touch.

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Plump Pumpkin Meatball Biscuits

Pumpkin Shaped Meatball Biscuits

Keep the pumpkin food motif but skip the flavor with these adorable Pumpkin-Shaped Meatball Biscuits. Each pumpkin is stuffed with cheese, sauce, and meat, then pinched at the top. All it takes to give this fun Halloween treat its pumpkin shape is a bit of kitchen string.

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Black Widow Chair Covers

halloween party chair decor

Create a spellbinding seating arrangement with a couple of simple inexpensive materials.

To make it:

Cut two 2-yard lengths of black tulle, and drape the first two yards over the front and back of the chair so it will cascade to the floor. Next, drape the other two yards from side to side over the back of the chair so it also reaches the floor. Gather tulle around the seat base of the chair with orange silk ribbon and tie a simple bow at the back of the chair. Then, trim the length of the tulle to rest evenly on the floor around the chair.

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Adam's Ribs

adams ribs halloween food display

The sad, but terribly tasty truth—he was both a pig and a jerk! This display of ribs is the perfect main dish for meat-loving party guests. You can coat the ribs with the jerk-flavor dry rub and refrigerate for 24 hours for extra flavor and prep the glaze up to three days in advance.

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Who's Chicken Fingers

chicken fingers and romesco halloween food

Bearing an uncanny resemblance to the real thing, these tender chicken fingers are going to crawl right off the table onto your guests' plates. The vibrant and piquant Romesco sauce with an uncommonly delicious combination of roasted red peppers, bread crumbs, and almonds is an addictive accompaniment that isn't just great with chicken, but with fish and pasta as well. Make the sauce up to three days in advance—it also freezes well!

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Take Home a Bag-o-Bones


Send your guests home with this trick of a treat. All you need for this fun Halloween party favor are some white chocolate-covered pretzels, marshmallows, and food writer in black. Squish your large marshmallow, give it a skeleton face complete with grin, and toss it into a small treat bag with the pretzel bones.

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