Hauntingly Clever Halloween Party for Adults

halloween mummories board decor
Check out our hauntingly clever Halloween party ideas for adults and find out that Halloween isn't just for kids. Gather your adult friends and use these ghoulish ideas to throw a great party for "groan-ups." Explore Halloween party ideas with party games and party food for adults including Halloween chair covers, Halloween dips, and a full Halloween buffet.

'Groan-Ups' Party Invitation

Simple invitations can be made in no time. Just beware -- you'll need extra postage for the spider!

Buffet Table

Add easy-to-make special effects for the buffet table. Deftly spread spiderwebs, charmingly placed (plastic) spiders, perfectly positioned candles, and cleverly crafted snacks deliver Halloween fun. Mini pumpkins, decorative berries, and pretty fall leaves bring a touch of sophistication.

The Eyeball Assortment

In this canape platter, the "eyes" truly have it! There's something for everyone, from mini meatballs to fresh mozzarella-and-tomato bites to a grape-and-prosciutto nibble. Inscribe the clever dish names on silk leaves and display next to the serving dish.

Devils on Horseback

This combination of grilled bacon-wrapped shrimp served with a perversely spicy remoulade is a Faustian temptation that few souls can resist.

Hotter than Hades Steak and Salsa Bites

Coming to you from way, way South of the Border, these fiery little packages of delight can be prepared in advance. So get a jump start on the menu and make the steak and salsa the day before.

Adam's Ribs

Succulent pork spareribs with spicy Jamaican jerk seasoning make a mouthwatering meal.

Chicken 'Fingers' with Romanian Romesco Dipping Sauce

Bearing an uncanny resemblance to the real thing, these "fingers" made from chicken tenders are going to crawl right off the table onto your guests' plates.

Black Widow Chair Covers

Create a spellbinding seating arrangement with a couple of simple inexpensive materials.

Halloween Mummories Photo Album

Guests will shutter with delight when you snap their photographs during your Halloween party.

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