A great Halloween party should be crawling with creepily clever Halloween games. Scare up some Halloween fun by trying your hand at some of these haunting games that are sure to elicit gasps and giggles.

June 09, 2015

Make Your Own Halloween Games

Preparing for a kids' Halloween party can be just as fun as hosting it. Get creative and make spooky games kids will love. See our ideas below for homemade games that will make children scream in delight and scare up endless hours of Halloween fun.

Candy Corn Guessing Game: For this sweet guessing game, fill a large clear bowl with candy corn, counting the pieces as you go. Download and print the sign provided and adhere it to a black paint stick using glue. Ask each kid to write his name and guess on a slip of paper. Award the kid who guesses closets to the amount with a special prize.

Get the guessing game sign.

Boo-Ready Bingo: This simple do-it-yourself Halloween game can be sweet or spooky depending on your party's theme and children's ages. Use a computer to print cards that feature words or images in a 5x5 grid; remember to add, subtract, and rearrange what is in the grid on each child's card. The children can use crayons to mark off the various spaces as you draw the corresponding words or images from a hat.

Spook-tastic Scavenger Hunt: Start this Halloween-theme scavenger hunt with a riddle and lead kids through a series of clues that will help them find a hidden treasure. When coming up with clues, consider the ages of the kids -- a younger crowd will fare better with simple and direct clues, while older kids will love more challenging ones. If you're hosting a Halloween party for a mix of ages, pair younger kids with older ones and vary the difficulty of the clues.

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