Etched Velvet Spiderweb Tablecloth for Halloween

Cast an eerie pall over your Halloween table with a velvet tablecloth etched to resemble a spiderweb.

What You'll Need

  • 10 yards black velvet (must be rayon pile on silk back)
  • Shears or sharp scissors
  • Black thread and sewing needle
  • Iron
  • Plastic drop cloth
  • 12-ounce bottle of Fiber Etch Fabric Remover (available at
  • Plastic bottle with fine application tip (available at crafts stores)
  • Dryer and washer
  • Washing detergent
  • Iron

How to Make It

1. Conduct a test sample on a small area of the fabric using the instructions below before starting the project.

2. Cut the velvet into three 3-yards by 1-foot-long pieces. Sew the pieces together side by side to create a cloth approximately 118 inches square. Press the seams open.

3. Lay the cloth over the plastic drop cloth, pile side up. Pour Fiber Etch into the plastic bottle and cut off the application tip.

4. Mark the center of the cloth. Working in quadrants, apply Fiber Etch in a freehand web design. Use the application tip of the plastic bottle to rub Fiber Etch into the pile to make sure the liquid reaches the silk backing.

5. Allow the finished design to dry until tacky. (We used small fans to speed the process.) Do not allow the etching medium to remain on the fabric for more than 4 hours. (Our process took an hour to apply and another hour to achieve tackiness.)

6. Place the tablecloth in the dryer on high heat and check it every two minutes to make sure the cloth isn't overheating or the medium isn't etching through the backing. After about 45 minutes the pile should be completely dry, hard, and stiff and should scratch away easily with a fingernail.

7. Place the cloth in the washer with a small amount of detergent and wash in cold water on the delicate cycle to remove the etched pile. Remove the cloth and dry in the dryer on low heat. (Rinse the washer to remove any fiber residue.)

8. Iron the cloth with a warm iron.


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