Elegant Evening Halloween Party in Black and White

Black Velvet Cake
Set the stage for an easy and elegant Halloween party with sophisticated black-and-white decorations, intriguing invitations, and delicious recipes. Try our Halloween buffet and punch recipe with matching Halloween punch bowl.

Throw an Elegant Halloween Party

With an assortment of candy, colorful costumes, and spooky TV specials, Halloween is is full of fun for kids. But remember, adults can celebrate Halloween, too! If you've outgrown cauldron Halloween punch, fake spider webs, and gross-out candy, host a sophisticated Halloween party for your friends and family instead. This party is full of intrigue and mystery, inspired by the carnival masks and crescent moons of New Orleans. Try our elegant Halloween decorations, invitations, Halloween appetizers, and more.

Halloween Party Invitations

Impress your guests with these old-fashioned Halloween party invitations. Print the invitation (available below) onto cardstock, trim the design as shown, and mount on a shimmery piece of cardstock. A few special effects give the invitation twinkle: Cut out the cardstock moon, coat it in glass glitter, and attach it with a pop-up glue dot.

Halloween Porch Display

Ravens perched on branches in a black urn ominously greet party guests. Simply fill a black urn with decorative branches and bittersweet for elegant Halloween decorations. Attach plastic ravens to the branches using wire. Incorporate fall color by setting colorful pumpkins and gourds around the base.

Spanish Moss Wreath with Raven

Extend sophisticatedly spooky Halloween decorations to the entryway to invite party guests inside. Bits of bittersweet pop against an ash-color Spanish moss wreath. Cover a straw wreath form with bunches of Spanish moss, using greenery pins or T-pins to secure. Make this wreath part of your Halloween scene by adding bittersweet and a plastic raven.

Planter of Pumpkins Halloween Display

A planter filled with painted and decoupaged pumpkins provides an interesting and mature alternative to the jack-o'-lantern. To craft decoupaged pumpkins, tear strips from old book pages and apply them to a craft pumpkin using decoupage medium and a foam brush (we used Mod Podge in a matte finish). When the pumpkin is fully covered, seal it with one to two coats of decoupage medium, smoothing out any wrinkles with fingertips while wet.

To craft the painted pumpkins, apply glossy black spray paint. Cut leaves from silver crepe paper and old book pages, and attach to pumpkins using double-sided tape or a hot-glue gun set on low.

Halloween Buffet

Paper lantern "moons" hang above the Halloween buffet dessert table where black-and-white candies in apothecary jars double as decor and festive Halloween party food. 

Editor's Tip: Claim old brass candlesticks and trays from thrift stores and coat them with glossy black spray paint, chalkboard paint, or matte black primer to serve as Halloween buffet anchors.

Spooky Halloween Silhouettes

Silhouettes work their graphic magic, turning any backdrop into a spellbinding focal point. Print the silhouettes, and trace onto the back side of self-adhesive shelf liner or vinyl; cut out figures. Adhere the cutouts to white plates or a black tray lined with pages from an old book.

Note: Our silhouettes are the mirror version of what you see in the picture. Print and trace them onto the backside of the shelf liner as described in the caption. When you cut out the figures they'll face the correct way.

Lantern Silhouettes

A crescent moon against the night sky inspired this moody Halloween decor display. Shadowy silhouettes embellish plain glass lanterns filled with candles sitting in moss and miniature gourds. Print the silhouettes, and trace onto the back side of self-adhesive shelf liner or vinyl. Cut out figures and adhere to lanterns.

Halloween Punch Marker

Your Halloween punch bowl isn't complete without a pretty tag! An ornate sign attached to a classy silver tray easily identifies the party potion. Tie the theme from your invitation into these handy table markers. 

Harvest Moon Punch Recipe

Bottoms up! A refreshing Halloween punch serves a crowd without bewitching your wallet. Even better, Harvest Moon Punch pairs perfectly with Halloween appetizers and desserts. Add spook to your Halloween punch bowl with gummy worms.

Mustache Disguise

At Carnival, revelers veil themselves with elaborate masks so suitors don't discover their true identities. While donning a fake mustache won't fool anyone, it makes for a fun, noncommittal Halloween costume—or as in this gentleman's case, adds years to a youthful face.

Elegant Halloween Party Poster

Posters are an easy and inexpensive Halloween decoration. Here, a poster reciting an old Creole expression is taped over a mirror. Print our downloadable banner to the desired size, and temporarily attach it to a mirror using double-sided tape, or place it in a frame for a more permanent display. Finish these elegant Halloween decorations with black candlesticks and tall white tapers.

Hanging Paper Bats

Paper bats "flying" from fishing line add a bit of drama to your Halloween buffet. Print bat silhouettes in various sizes onto cardstock. To hang the bats, make a tiny hole at the end of each bat and string monofilament through, knotting at the end. Fold along the middle of the body and at each wing to add a dimensional feel.

Black Velvet Cake and Cake Toppers

Shiny flourishes finish off the dessert table. Your Halloween party food needs a matching topper, and Rich Black Velvet Cake looks celestial topped with a moon and star attached to a skewer. Scatter spray-painted leaves on the table to add luster. As for the cake, imagination is everything. We transformed a black velvet cake and added a hint of orange to the frosting.

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