Eerie Halloween Wedding Party

Make a solemn vow to frighten your friends with a haunted wedding-reception party theme. To throw a small Halloween affair, pick and choose just a few of these creepy spins on wedding customs.

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    Party Invitation to Disaster

    Cast a spell on your guests with a torn and tattered invitation. Printed on a vellum overlay with a ripped edge, the invitation is aged with black ink.

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    Haunting Feast

    Send the signal that this is no ordinary buffet with an eerie table covering conjured from yards of gauzy cheesecloth. Illuminate the room in gothic style with blood-dripping candles, and add ambiance with a do-it-yourself foam candelabra.

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    Book of Love

    Keep up tradition with a guest book. Burn the edges of paper and age the pages with splatters of ink. Push a feather into the top of a pen and station it in a vintage-look stand made with paper-covered wood findings. Then finish with a welcome message on a framed piece of plywood painted with chalkboard paint.

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    Costume Required

    On the invitation, ask guests to come in formerly-worn formal wear. Shop consignment stores and secondhand shops for grim get-ups at a budget-friendly price.

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    Take the Cake

    Typically the center of attention at a wedding, the cake table puts a spooky spin on tradition. A card table is covered in muslin and edged with black tulle gathered into swags held by ribbon loops. The "cake" is a trio of paper-covered hatboxes aged with paint. Black-painted mums, doily napkins, and nut-filled espresso cups finish off the display.

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    The Happy Couple

    In true Hallowedding fashion, the bride-and-groom cake topper is replaced by a skeletal version. The bride's veil is fashioned from a piece of black tulle and the groom is decked out in a miniature bow tie and top hat.

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    Framed Up

    Hunt down a few cheap picture frames for easy party wall decor. Collect a mix of simple frames and gothic-inspired ornate frames. Spray-paint your finds black and hang on the walls. Leary of leaving nail holes behind? Use lightweight adhesive strips instead.

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    Ghoulish Gifts

    Every wedding reception has a gift table. For this macabre display, paper-covered boxes are filled with the usual trappings (a toaster and blender) as well as an unexpected surprise (a skull).

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    Groom's Corsage

    Top off your spooky ensemble with a corsage that's sure to frighten all your party guests.

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    Bride's Bouquet

    For a simple bridal bouquet, arrange a few black and white blooms, then wrap the stems with black ribbon.

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    Spiderweb Lampshade

    Cast an eerie shadow over the room with this easy-to-make spiderweb lampshade.

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    Oozing Brie

    Give baked brie the sinister treatment by topping it with "guts" made of sun-dried tomatoes, basil, and onions. Served with French bread, the soft cheese is a sophisticated treat.

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    Dip Trio

    Body Bits Dip is a hearty spread, despite its gruesome presentation, and pairs perfectly with the appropriately colored Red Pepper Dip. Although not Halloween-themed, the Walnut-Feta Yogurt dip equals its creepier counterparts in taste. To serve, place each dip in a glass dish and nestle inside hollowed pumpkins.

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    Bloody-Rimmed Martinis

    Toast the happy couple with a wicked brew. The special Coconut Snowball Martini -- concocted of white chocolate, coconut, cream, rum, and vodka -- is served with red cake gel around the rim.

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    Accessorize with Cookies

    A witch's signature accessory -- her hat -- becomes a sweet tower of treats. Place a crafts foam cone inside a clean witch's hat and position on a footed cake plate. Apply a thick layer of frosting to the hat and the brim. Decorate with delicious cookies for guests to eat.

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    Hands Down

    Guests will do a double take with this creepy-crawly finger food. Dip large pretzel sticks into white candy coating and add "nails" with sliced almonds. Display the fingers in a cuff-covered jar.

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    Graveyard Gravel

    Biting into these faux rocks will prove to be a sweet treat. The "rock" candy is made from a mix of chocolate and marshmallows.

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    Tipsy Tombstones

    The chicken-and-pecan salad sandwiches are cut into tombstone shapes, rolled in chopped pecans for the look of stone, and displayed in a graveyard with creepy cabbage ground cover.

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    White Slime

    Invite guests to circle around a fondue "cauldron" to dip delectable treats into white chocolate fondue.

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    Eyeball Punch

    Guests will gasp when they discover a fruited "eyeball" floating in their fruit punch.

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    Nail in Coffin Party Favor

    For an appropriately creepy take-home treat, fill coffin-style favor boxes with candy bones. Give the boxes a decaying look by weathering the edges with chalk. Add rub-on letters

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    Parting Shot

    Send guests home with another grim reminder of your party; take their photos with the Grim Reaper behind an oversize frame. Give the pictures as unique favors.

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