Creative Raven-Theme Halloween Party for Adults

Raven Silhouette Journal Party Favor
Gather your literary friends and get in character for a mysterious adult Halloween party based on Edgar Allen Poe's famed poem, The Raven. We have everything you need -- party printables, decorating ideas, and recipes -- to recreate this haunting affair.

Edgar Allan Poe Themed Dinner Party

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven, this haunting adult Halloween party pays homage to the master of macabre with an elegant black-and-white color scheme, raven-theme printables, and a mysterious dinner menu. Use our free downloads, recipes, and decorating tips as inspiration to re-create this eerie dinner party yourself. 

Raven Silhouetted Invitation and Box

Summon guests to your decked-out dinner party with this raven-print invitation. Download the invitation, available below, and print on parchment paper. Fill in your party details with a black fine-tip marker (if desired, add party details on your computer before printing). Cut the paper into a rectangle. Use matches or a lighter to carefully burn the paper's edges, giving it an aged effect. Roll the invitation to create a scroll and place in a silhouetted box.

To make the silhouetted box, paint the tops and exteriors of a brown paper box with black chalkboard paint; let dry. Paint the box interior and top gold; let dry. Download our raven image, available below, and cut out the shape to use as a template. Use spray adhesive to temporarily attach the raven image to the box top. Spray paint the top of the box gold. Remove the raven image to expose the black silhouette.

Eerie Entryway Decorations

Let party guests know they've arrived with a spooky feather wreath on the front door and faux birds perched on the steps. To make the feather wreath, wrap two feather boas around a wreath form, knot the ends, and tuck them under the feathers. Add hanging wire and secure a white ribbon bow with long ends to the front of the wreath.

Spooky Side Table Decorations

Create a drab display on a side table using inspiration from Poe's poem. Spray a large vase with chalkboard paint, let dry, then use chalk to write an excerpt on the vase. (For the poem, reference a Poe book or download the poem from an online site such as Fill the vase with mossy branches, and round out the display with faux birds, tea-dyed eggs, and a spooky portrait.

Black Feather Wreath and Decorative Mirror

Dress up a large mirror with a feathery wreath and verses from The Raven for a spooky dining room decoration. To make the wreath, wrap two black feather boas around a wreath form. Knot the ends and tuck them under the feathers; add hanging wire. Attach a removable plastic hook to the mirror and use a black dry-erase marker to write words or phrases from the poem on the mirror. Hang the wreath from the plastic hook. Center a small faux bird in the wreath's opening and attach it to the mirror using poster putty.

Raven-Masked Stone Figure

Draw inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe's poem to create simple party decorations -- this stone figure is dressed in a bird mask and a feathery wig. Set the figure on a side table next to a faux bird perched atop a stack of unbound pages and Poe books.

Typed Poem Decoration

An old typewriter sets the stage for a typed copy of The Raven. Using a word processing program, type the poem copy in an old-style font, then print on parchment paper and slip it into the typewriter's paper slot. Display on a side table for a unique party decoration.

Editor's Tip: If you don't have an old typewriter handy, display the poem on the dining table as part of the centerpiece.

Faux Bird-and-Candles Centerpiece

Use the "never-flitting" raven from the poem as inspiration for your dining table centerpiece. Here, a faux bird stands guard over an eerie table spread of succulents, votives resting on white birch logs, and tall candles in black candlesticks. Weave a black feather boa between the decorations for extra embellishment. 

Poetic Place Setting

Continue the poem's theme in your party place settings by using a black porcelain marker to write portions of The Raven on white chargers. For food-safe chargers, set the ink by heating the plates in the oven, following the marker manufacturer's instructions. Add a haunting message from the poem to cream-color dish towels to use as napkins. Download our "nevermore" stencil, available below, and print. Use a crafts knife to cut out the text, leaving a silhouette stencil. Attach the stencil to the napkin with tape and use a fabric marker to write the word on the napkin; remove the stencil.

To make the name cards, spray smooth-sided stones with chalkboard paint; let dry. Use chalk to write each guest's name on a stone.

Editor's Tip: For the poem, reference a Poe book or download the poem from an online site such as

Raven-Theme Menu Card

Add an elegant statement to your dining table with a spooky menu card that stands on two legs. Download our menu sign, available below, print onto cardstock, and cut out. Use a black fine-tip marker to write your menu on the sign. Cut legs from a faux raven, and hot-glue the menu sign to the bird legs so it stands upright.

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Concord Cocktails

Carry the dark and dreary theme of the party through to the predinner cocktails. Our maple concord cocktail -- with grape juice, whiskey, and maple simple syrup -- will keep guests in the party mood.

Duck Breast and Balsamic Pears over Black Linguine

Add a mysterious edge to your dinner with dark-color foods, such as the black linguine (available at specialty food stores) used in this main entree. Prepare the pasta according to the package directions and serve with our duck breast recipe, below.

Chocolate Cake with a Spooky Twist

Spice up dessert with a shadowy raven figure on each plate. Download our raven image, available below, print, and cut out. Place the raven template on a white dessert plate. Sift cocoa powder around the template, holding the template edges in place. Remove the template to reveal the raven silhouette.

Mushroom Cup Mini Cheesecakes

Don't worry -- the mini mushrooms ( sprouting from these bite-size cheesecakes are made from white chocolate. Create the illusion of dirt by sprinkling a mixture of graham cracker and cookie crumbs on top of the cheesecakes to give guests a bit of a fright.

Raven Silhouette Journal Party Favor

Send party guests home with raven-covered journals to record their memories and write their own poems. Download our raven image, available below, and print onto cardstock; cut out, and use as a template. Use repositionable spray adhesive to temporarily attach the raven cutout to a black faux-leather journal. Spray the journal cover with gold paint, let dry, then remove the raven cutout. Display the favors on a side table with a raven-theme favor sign. Download our sign, available below, onto parchment or cardstock; cut out. Place in an ornate easel-backed frame.

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