Classic Ghoulish Games

We have the games to make your Halloween party a smashing success. So round up your little creeps, dim the lights, and join in this frightfest that will leave everyone howling with delight.

Bobbing for Apples

This timeless game is fun for kids of all ages.

What You Need:

  • Timer
  • Basket of small apples
  • Clean dishpan of cool water


1. Float six apples in the dishpan.

2. Divide the guests into two teams, one on each side of the basin.

3. Bob for apples. Have two players, one from each team, remove as many apples as possible from the water in one minute without using their hands. (Hint: The game is even more challenging if you remove the stems from the apples!) Continue until everyone has a turn.

4. Give the winning team a treat or a prize.

Peter, Peter the Pumpkin Reader

Bewitch partygoers with your powerful fortune-telling skills.

What You Need:

  • 30 dried pumpkin seeds
  • Felt-tip pen
  • Glass bowl


1. Number seeds. Take thirty dried pumpkin seeds and use a felt-tip pen to number the seeds 1 through 10, three times.

2. Place the numbered pumpkin seeds into a glass bowl.

3. Pick and "read" the seeds. Have your guest pick one seed, without looking, and then hand it to you to obtain their reading. You can follow our suggestions below, but be prepared to embellish!

4. Example party readings: 1 = You will be a famous rock star 2 = You will be President 3 = You will find great wealth 4 = You are funny and will be a famous comedian 5 = You will be a great actor 6 = You have a future in medicine 7 = You will be an important writer 8 = You will be a great explorer and find a treasure 9 = You will travel to the moon 10 = You will have an airplane

Feed the Pumpkin

What You Need:

  • Two oatmeal boxes
  • Halloween decorations for the boxes (stickers, colored markers, construction paper, or anything else to dress up your cereal box)
  • Large bowl of popcorn


1. Decorate boxes. Before the party, decorate two oatmeal boxes (or similar small containers) to look like jack o' lanterns.

2. Prepare a large bowl of popcorn.

3. Divide the guests into two teams. Put the pumpkins at one end of the room and the bowl of popcorn at the opposite end.

4. Give each team a large serving spoon.

5. Scoop, carry and deposit popcorn in pumpkin. On the count of three, one player from each team must scoop a spoonful of popcorn from the bowl, carry it across the room, and drop it into her or his team's pumpkin. If any of the kernels fall off, the carrier must stop to pick them up.

6. Pass the spoon. The player then returns to the start and passes along the spoon. The process is repeated until one team completely fills their pumpkin. (Score a victory if any part of a kernel is above the rim of the container.)

Vanished Bones

Someone has been hiding bones for years. They are hidden all over the house, just dying to be discovered!

What You Need:

  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Black marker
  • If you don't want to make them from scratch, you can also purchase bones in a store that sells Halloween merchandise.


1. Make or buy bones. Draw and cut small bones out of cardboard, or you may use store-bought plastic skeleton bones.

2. Hide bones around the room.

3. The child who finds the most bones wins. Playing some music will make the scramble for bones even more fun. Give treats or a prize to the winner.

Dictionary Draw

What You Need:

  • Large pad of white paper
  • Wide-tip, black marking pen
  • Easel


1. On slips of paper, write words that have something to do with Halloween. Some choices are spider web, tombstone, witch, bat, haunted house, spooky, ghost, trick or treat.

2. Put the slips of paper in a hat or a plastic pumpkin.

3. Divide the guests into two teams.

4. Player on first team draws selected word. A player on the first team begins by picking a slip of paper, keeping the word to himself, and drawing what it means on a large pad of paper. Only the members of his own team can guess. They have 2 minutes. A timer is helpful.

5. Correct guess receives 100 points. If they guess correctly, they get 100 points and another person on that team gets to go up. If they do not guess correctly, the other team gets one chance to guess the word and earn 25 points.

6. The teams take turns until there's a winner. After each player has had a chance to draw, the team with the most points wins.

Pumpkin Toss

What You Need:

  • Pumpkins of various sizes
  • Large plastic hoop


1. Paint and arrange pumpkins. Select several pumpkins of various sizes. Paint point values on the pumpkins and arrange them with the smallest value closest to the player.

2. Toss hoop around pumpkin. The players form a line and one by one toss a large plastic hoop around a pumpkin.

3. Each participant has three tries; the highest score wins.

Spooky Mystery

Get your guests involved in creating a mystery.


1. Gather everyone in a circle. Dim the lights, but keep the jack o' lanterns lit.

2. Start by making up a mystery tale.

3. Before you finish it, turn to the child next to you and have him add onto the story.

4. Continue adding onto the mystery until everyone has taken a turn.

5. Helpful Hint: You can create a spooky sight by filling jack-o'-lanterns with dry ice and a little water -- vapor will float out of the jack-o'-lantern. When using the dry ice, be sure that you are in a well-ventilated area and protect your hands by wearing heavy gloves.

Hide a Goblin

When guests come to your house, have a goblin hunt.

What You Need:

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Halloween candy or other treats


1. Draw small pictures of goblins on paper and attach them to a treat.

2. Hide the packages around the house.

3. Let the children seek them out.

Clammy Eyeball

This ghoulish game will have your party-goers screaming with delight.

What You Need:

  • Peeled, hard-boiled egg
  • Music


1. Have all the players sit in a circle, as if playing Hot Potato. But instead of using a potato, pass a peeled, hard-boiled egg!

2. The guest left holding the egg when the music stops is out.

3. Continue the game until there is one player left, who wins the game.


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