Black Cat Halloween Table Setting

Create a frightful setting for a fun-filled Halloween party.

This easy-to-craft Halloween table setting includes a pumpkin-faced plate, colorful pumpkin glasses, and black-cat tableware. You can add to the fun with an optional punch bowl and cups project, also in a Halloween theme. The projects are easy enough for the youngsters to lend a hand.

Jack-'o-Lantern Plates

Materials Patterns (see below for download link) 9-inch-diameter orange paper plates 9-inch-diameter clear plastic plates DecoColor paint markers in black and white

Instructions Download and print the pattern for the plate face. Cut out the pattern and tape it facedown on the top of the clear plastic plate. Flip the plate upside down. Outline the design with the black paint marker; let dry. Then, using the white paint marker, fill in the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Remove the pattern from the plate. Let the paint dry completely before stacking the plastic plate over the orange paper plate.

Black Cat Table Setting patterns

Materials Cat's head pattern (see download link below) For each tableware set: 1-inch-diameter black pom-pom 2 black chenille stems Black crafts foam scraps 1-inch length of white mini rickrack Small rhinestones Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive 6-inch length of 1/2-inch-wide white ribbon with black dots Black crepe paper Green plastic spoon, fork, and knife

Instructions Using the downloaded pattern, print and cut one head from black crafts foam; set aside.

To make the cat's legs, fold one chenille stem in half; twist the ends together. To create the base of the cat's body, pinch the twisted ends and the center of the fold together in one hand. The long loops that extend on either side are the front and back legs. Place the pom-pom over the pinched chenille stem; wrap the pom-pom several times with one end of the second chenille stem. Fold the remaining end of the chenille stem to form a tail that extends from the end of the wrapped body.

Hot-glue the rickrack whiskers, the rhinestone eyes, and the rhinestone nose to the cat's head. Hot-glue the cat's head to the pom-pom body.

Cup the spoon into the fork and then lay them both over the knife. To make the broom's bristles, wrap the black crepe paper four times around the four fingers of your left hand. Carefully remove your hand, keeping the stack together. Make 2-inch-long slits up from the folded edge of the stacked paper, leaving the other side of the paper intact. Wrap the uncut side around the neck of the spoon, fork, and knife. Wrap the ribbon around the crepe paper and the tableware; knot the ribbon ends together to hold everything in place.

Thread the handles of the tableware broom through the looped chenille-stem legs. Twist the bottom of each loop once; fold the twist up against the underside of the tableware for the cat's feet.

Black Cat Table Setting patterns

Pumpkin Glasses

If you would prefer not to make a full punch bowl and cups set (instructions below) you can simply craft the pumpkin glasses shown with the table setting.

Materials for glasses only Patterns (see download link below) 9-ounce clear plastic drinking glasses DecoColor paint markers in orange, green, and white; fine-tip black Tape

Instructions Download, print, and cut out patterns.

Tape a pattern inside a plastic cup so the design faces out. On the outside of the cup, trace over the eyes with the white paint marker. Draw over the pumpkin stem and the collar with the green paint marker. Fill in the pumpkin with the orange paint marker.

Use the fine-tip black marker to make a dot in each of the jack-o'-lantern's eyes and to outline the entire design. Let the paint dry.

Black Cat Table Setting patterns

Punch Bowl and Cups

Materials Spider and pumpkin patterns (see download link below) Clear glass punch bowl set DecoColor paint markers: orange, green, and white; fine-tip black Tape

Instructions Download, print, and cut out the patterns.

To make the punch bowl and cups, refer to the instructions for the glasses, above, using the pumpkin and spider patterns. Use the patterns in the size shown for the cups; enlarge the pumpkins on a photocopier for the punch bowl. Tape the patterns to the inside of the bowl or glasses so the images face out. Paint the pumpkins; let dry. Use a fine-tip black marker to add the details to the pumpkin. To make the spider, paint the center of the body green or orange; then draw the black legs and parts of the body. After the spider has dried, draw a black spiral in the center of the green or orange oval.

Black Cat Table Setting patterns


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