Black-and-Bling Halloween Party Decorations

Scary gets glamorous at this eerie Halloween party hosted by a sophisticated skeleton.

Black-and-Silver Halloween Throw Pillows

For eerie decor that screams Halloween, look for black faux leather to craft these throw pillows. The easy-to-find fabric is durable and inexpensive and can be dressed up with Halloween stencils and metallic paint.

Bedazzled Pumpkins

Turn your house into a scary yet sophisticated haunted location for a Halloween party. Gather plenty of rhinestones and sequins, skeletons, ravens, and anything black to set the scene for a night of fun and fright. See the next three slides for pumpkin decorating instructions.

Black-and-Silver Spiderweb Pumpkin

A shiny silver spider needs a glamorous abode, of course. This silver-painted spider is right at home in a web woven from sparkly rhinestones.

Black Pumpkin with Silver Lettering

Simple silver stickers dress up a black pumpkin with a frightful message. Accessorize your pumpkin with a stylish crown of silver leaves.

White Pumpkin with Black Embellishments

A pale white pumpkin stands out amid a tableau of midnight black counterparts. The bling embellishments make sure it shines.

Spooky Skeleton

Decked out in her finest post-mortem getup, Virginia the skeleton is ready to welcome guests. The hostess presides over the Halloween party from her perch on a black velvet antique chair beneath the glow of a bug-infested chandelier.

Skeleton Haute Couture

Create your own Virginia to greet Halloween party guests or trick-or-treaters. Virginia is dressed to the nines in a taffeta skirt, a boa accented with a rhinestone spider brooch, and a feather-festooned hat. Search secondhand-clothing stores and antiques shops for similar Halloween-appropriate attire.

Editor's Tip: Keep Virginia posed as desired by leaning her against furniture or using fishing line to attach her skull, arm bones, and other parts to the ceiling or wall.

Beady Bugs Light Fixture Decorations

Transform your everyday light fixture with crystals that are infested with bugs. Drape the decorations around the arms of the light fixture and add bead party necklaces for more sparkle. After Halloween, simply remove and store. No harm done!

Scary Storybook Jackets

Give books of frightening tales equally scary covers. Using the original dust jacket as a pattern, cut a new cover from black-and-silver wallpaper scraps or gift wrap. Embellish the fronts and spines with vintage-theme stickers and adhesive letters, mixing typefaces for fun. Once guests arrive, read the ghost stories aloud by candlelight.

Embellished Votive Candleholders

As night approaches and the darkness settles in, light a few elegant candles to set an eerie mood. Cut strips of scrapbook paper to fit around glass votive holders. Adhere double-stick tape to the cups and wrap the paper strips around them. Embellish with rhinestones and sequins.

SOURCE Scrapbook paper (spider motif):

Still Life with Skull

This smile is one only a mother could love -- the mother of Frankenstein, that is! This silver skull makes a perfect perch for a creepy raven that flaunts a miniature tiara.

Haunted Reflection Mirror Decoration

Make no bones about it; this project is easy. Paint an ornate framed mirror black. Attach a skeleton head to the top and arms to sides of the frame. For an extra chill factor, position a ghost or skeleton figurine so it reflects in the mirror. Passersby will do a double take.

A Bite to Eat

An abandoned plate of food looks as if it was carelessly discarded by a resident ghost. Guests will squirm when they come across the (faux) rats feasting away on the ghoul's leftovers. The tarnished silver dishes add to the spooky setup.

Family Tree

Show off photos of some of your family's most notable members or borrow a few from history to hang in your Halloween portrait gallery. Print photos and mount them on cardstock in black and silver picture frames. Embellish the photos with jewels and googly eyes.

Classic Art, Revisited

Let Mona Lisa keep an eye on your Halloween soiree. Attach googly eyes to a copy of the classic masterpiece and watch as your guests stop to stare while shivers ripple up their spines.

More Halloween Party Ideas

Keep the party going with more ghoulishly clever Halloween party decor ideas.

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