Alice in Wonderland Halloween Party for Adults

Create a wild and wacky wonderland party inspired by Lewis Carroll's classic childhood tale this Halloween, complete with dramatic decor, funky food, and eccentric entertainment.

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    Wacky Alice in Wonderland Halloween Party

    Transform your living room into the quirky quarters of the Mad Hatter from the Alice in Wonderland and host an eccentric Halloween party modeled after the teatime soiree from Lewis Carroll's classic childhood tale. Dress in costumes, decorate your space with dramatic accents, serve funky finger foods, and play peculiar party games at this most curious gathering. Use our party ideas for inspiration and as much creative license as you want to create your very own Halloween party.

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    Alice in Wonderland Party Invitations

    Remind guests that they can't be late for this very important date with this colorful handmade invitation.

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    Alice in Wonderland Costumes

    Hosts and guests alike can dress for the occasion by fashioning funky costumes from mismatched clothing. The Hatter's clashing costume includes checked pants, a woman's pantsuit jacket, shirt sleeves, and a coat collar.

    Alice's costume is a vintage dress with a teal long sleeved shirt and a lace shawl underneath, plus patterned knee socks and teal high heels. For costume inspiration, just think weird and off-kilter when picking out the different layers -- you'll be able to find most items at thrift stores, Grandma's attic, and your own closet.

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    Framed Character Silhouettes Wall Decoration

    Add to the off-kilter decor by hanging framed character silhouettes at odd angles and in quirky, mismatched frames. We've got all the characters -- free! -- so pick-and-choose your favorites.

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    Wacky White Rabbit's Hat

    Make your own creative top hat to wear with your costume (or make several for extra decorations), modeled after the hat worn by the White Rabbit.

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    Alice-Theme Playing Cards

    These preposterously large playing cards will delight guests and entertain for hours. Print the free card backs onto photo paper and cut out. Spray adhesive to the back of each card in a deck of oversize playing cards (ours are from and adhere the backs to the non-playing side of the cards, trimming the corners and sides if needed.

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    Quirky Quotations Party Game

    Who was it that said "Off with her head!" -- the Queen of Hearts or the White Rabbit? Entertain guests with a quirky quotation matching game that's simple to put together. Print our free list of characters onto cardstock and cut out. Mount it on a rectangle of turquoise cardstock cut with deckle-edge scissors.

    Print the free quotation cards and tea bag tags onto cardstock and cut close to the turquoise borders. Punch small holes in the quotation cards and tea bag tags, using string to tie the tags to the cards. To play, have guests take turns guessing who said what -- Alice will have the answers.

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    Face-and-Flower Garland

    A masked flower child eyes the Wonderland festivities. Use our mask pattern to cut a mask from glitter crafts-foam sheets. Add to a doll face along with curious flower centers.

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    Potent Potions Drink Station

    Mix crafty concoctions in shocking colors, such as hot pink and teal, for your Alice in Wonderland party. Decorate the drink station with mismatched lace doilies and plenty of smaller vintage clocks. Liquors in intricate glass decanters can be labeled "poison" and an oversized clock behind it all reminds everyone that they are very late. Try our themed drink recipes for your Alice gathering. Recipes are on the following slides.

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    Mad Hatter Potion Recipe

    This oh-so-blue drink is the Hatter's favorite. White wine, Cognac, and Blue Curacao make it tastier than tea.

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    Triple Chocolate Sipper Recipe

    There's no poison in this decadent sipper (instead there's chocolate milk, chocolate liqueur, and chocolate ice cream), but any wondrous tea party should aim to keep guests guessing.

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    Alice's Cosmo Recipe

    Blushing-red, this Alice-centric drink features cranberry juice, lemon-lime soda, orange vodka, and orange liqueur. Cheers!

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    A Fantastic Finger Food Feast

    The food at your festivities should be nothing less than fantastic. Play up the differences between large and small with gigantic cupcakes placed next to teeny ones, set each dish at a different height to create a mismatched spread, and accent the table with decorative items such as turned-over teacups, stacked books, tattered looking cloth, framed silhouettes, and squishy velvet pumpkins. The menu can include whatever you'd like, but our funky finger food recipes will get you started.

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    Mini Pork Pies

    These savory mini meat pies are reminiscent of a Wonderland-style game of cards, perfect for your Alice party.

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    Meatballs and Alfredo Sauce

    These tasty meatballs add to the fun finger food display at your Alice gathering; serve on a raised platter sprinkled with freshly snipped basil.

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    Have a Heart Card Sandwiches

    The 1/2-inch hearts cut from chopped roasted red peppers add the Alice in Wonderland twist to these easy-to-make cheese sandwich appetizers.

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    Cheshire Cat Cheese Ball

    This grinning cat made from cheddar cheese is one party dip that's almost too perfect to eat. Make the eyes from apple halves, the whiskers from spaghetti pieces, the ears and nose from tortilla chips, and the teeth from blanched almonds.

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    Fried Gnocchi

    This tasty finger food, made from fried potato dumplings, is quick and easy to make. We recommend serving it with marinara sauce and sliced cucumber.

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    Queen of Heart Tarts

    These cherry-filled pastries are reminiscent of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland with small hearts cut from the middle.

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    Stuffed Blood Oranges

    This fruity dessert is made from hallowed blood oranges and topped with frosting flavored with orange liqueur for a sweet adult party treat.

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    Giant Cupcakes

    In Alice's Wonderland, big is gigantic and small is miniscule. Play up the extreme sizes by serving a giant cupcake that's really a cake.

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    Mad Hatter Mushrooms

    These fake fungi will fool your guests on the first bite. Sweet instead of savory, these mushroom-shape meringues are a tasty treat for your Alice gathering.

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    Edible Dice

    Add to the fun and games at your Alice party with these funky edible dice, made from homemade or store-bought marshmallows cut into large cubes. Use edible cake-decorating markers to make the dots.

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    Eat Me Party Favors

    After the tea party, send your guests on their way with a fun party favor: a cookie in a cellophane bag with an "Eat Me" label.

    Editor's Tip: The key-shape cookies shown are from, but you can use whatever treats you like.

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    Drink Me Party Favors

    One last libation is a fun way to send guests out of the rabbit hole. We paired Bailey's Irish Cream miniature bottles with a "Drink Me" tag.

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