Haunting Halloween Home Makeover

Merri Lemcke, a wife and mother of three children, never dreamed that she would win the grand prize of our X-Scream Makeover Sweepstakes. See our slide show of the home's transformation!

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    The Lemcke's Home... "Before"

    Merri Lemcke's suburban home the day before Party City's X-Scream Team Invasion. She entered the contest while looking for cookie recipes on the BHG.com Web site!

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    Early Friday, October 13th

    Merri and her 12-year-old son, Cassidy, being greeted by the X-Scream Team before sunrise on the morning of Friday, October 13th.

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    Party City's Team Starts the Transformation

    Despite below-freezing temperatures, high winds, and snow and ice showers, the team gets to work on creating the haunted transformation designed by Party City's team of professionals.

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    Weatherproofed Ghouls

    An X-Scream Team member weatherproofs one of the frightening ghouls who will be greeting the Lemckes' guests this Halloween.

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    Coffin Preparations

    Crew members prepare a coffin to withstand the cruel elements of the windy and wet graveyard in the front yard.

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    The Tall 12-Foot Ghoul

    No one in the neighborhood will be able to miss this 12-foot ghoul that is the centerpiece of the gruesome makeover.

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    Beware the Graveyard

    A skeleton perched on the fence surrounding the graveyard reminds visitors to beware.

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    One-Day Makeover

    Work continues on the one-day makeover, which required a crew of eight Halloween specialists to travel from Los Angeles, New York City, New Jersey, and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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    Pumpkin Placement

    Well-placed pumpkins that were locally grown by Merri Lemcke's brother add some color and a lighter element to the dark makeover and the dreary day.

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    Careful with the Cobwebs

    Almost complete, cobwebbing has been carefully placed in every crack and crevice to further enhance the haunted feeling of the ghastly graveyard.

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    Hauntingly Spooky Weather

    Merri, Cassidy, and Merri's daughter Courtney come out to inspect the progress of the makeover and are surprised at how much has been done in such a short time and in such difficult weather conditions.

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    Open Casket

    The occupant of the open coffin, a skeleton, warns visitors that the Lemcke residence is no ordinary house.

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    Fog, Lights, Action!

    At dusk the Party City X-Scream team puts the finishing touches on the makeover. A fog machine, black light, and red light bulbs are added to make sure that visitors can see the chilling transformation whether they visit at night or during the day.

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    Dusk Falls...

    With the sun down, all the ghouls are out and ready to play. Local residents are already driving by to witness the results of the horrifying makeover.

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    Welcome Little Goblins

    The transformation is complete and a terrifying success. The Lemckes, who normally get about 600 trick-or-treaters, are expecting over 1,000 ghouls, goblins, witches, and vampires to grace their welcoming doorstep this Halloween.

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