Step up your outdoor Halloween decorations this year. With creepy-crawly spiders and classic carved jack-o'-lanterns, these scary Halloween decorations will give your home spooky seasonal curb appeal.

halloween stoop with webbing

Make sure all the kids know to stop by your house this year with Halloween front door decorations that will send shivers up their spines. Decked out in spooky spider webs and carved pumpkins, this home totally wins the neighborhood decorating competition. See how we crafted creepy Halloween decorations with a mix of handmade and store-bought holiday elements, below. Recreate this exact look or use the Halloween porch as inspiration for your custom spooky decor.

Spin a Web

halloween web decoration

The thin, stretchy cobwebs you can find at the store are great for adding background details and filling in bare corners. But if you want to make a big impact with your front door Halloween decor, consider this larger-than-life spiderweb made from thick strands of yarn. Make one big enough to fill an entire wall or stretch across the outer corners of your front porch. Visitors will wonder what kind of beast spun a web of that size.

More the Merrier

halloween pumpkin frankenstein carving

Decorate the base of your scary Halloween door with a collection of pumpkins in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Each type, carved or not, has its own special character that adds to the overall design. Layer the pumpkins at different levels by laying down wooden crates. Placed on their sides, the crates make a rustic display case for a large pumpkin, and the top acts as a shelf to hold medium and small pumpkins. Surround the front with a beautiful mix of gourds and fresh or faux fall leaves; the outdoor Halloween decorations will have your fall porch looking anything but bare.

Candy Station

halloween decorated outdoor table

Let's not forget the most important thing about Halloween—candy! For convenience, create a candy station right next to your front door. Top a black wrought iron table with a pumpkin-filled lantern, a spooky DIY spider, and a cauldron filled to the brim with chocolate. Leave the bowl with a kind note reminding kids to only take one or two pieces, or be waiting at the door in your scariest costume to hand out the goodies yourself. Scary Halloween decorations can be a little sweet, too!

Have a Seat

halloween pumpkin display

If your front entryway offers additional square footage, add more pumpkins to the mix! Add a black chair to sit on while handing out treats or as a showcase for your favorite carved pumpkin. A black wood planter filled with tall wild grasses creates height and balances out the large spiderwebs. Smaller pumpkins fit nicely on candlestick holders, which can be found at your local crafts supply store often at a small cost. A wooden crate makes a nice rustic container for fall mums that will bring some beauty to your creepy Halloween decorations.

Boo-tiful Entrance

halloween boo welcome mat

With all those trick-or-treaters running through yards and onto your doorstep, you'll want a place for them to wipe their feet. This DIY fall doormat is perfect for the occasion. A stenciled and hand-painted "BOO" design is easy to make and matches any outdoor Halloween decor. Surround it with hand-picked gourds and miniature pumpkins for a festive welcome.

Halloween Door Decor

halloween wreath with spider

Scary Halloween doors might not be the first thing you think of when you see a wreath, but they definitely shouldn't be discounted. A black twig wreath is an inexpensive decoration that's perfect for the occasion. String the wreath with orange twinkle lights and accent it with a simple DIY spider. This easy front door idea takes just minutes to make and can be customized with your favorite creepy-crawly character.


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