Pumpkin Door Greeter

This smiling "guy" will garner oohs and aahs from all the trick-or-treaters.


  • Armature wire
  • Staple gun and staples
  • 30-inch-tall wood post
  • Quilt batting and polyester fiberfill
  • Old clothing: a turtleneck, flannel shirt, jeans, shoes, gloves, and a belt
  • A pair of long underwear (pants only)
  • Artificial pumpkin with a face or a natural pumpkin with a carved face
  • Battery-powered light for the pumpkin


  1. To make the top of the door greeter's body, form a "skeleton" with armature wire for the arms and hands; use the wood post as the body base.
  2. Cut a 96-inch length of armature wire. Staple the middle of the armature for the arms to the top of the wood post.
  3. Wrap quilt batting around the post body and wire arms, leaving 12 inches of wire exposed for each hand; for safety fold over the end of each wire to create the center finger. Cover the body and arms with a turtleneck shirt.
  4. Cut four additional 10-inch-long wire fingers for each hand and twist the wire fingers to the center finger of each hand; fold over the wire fingers. Cover the hands with gloves.
  5. Stuff legs of the long underwear with rolled pieces of quilt batting. Sew or tie the ends of the legs shut. Put jeans over the long underwear pants.
  6. Set the body on a hay bale or in a chair. Place a pair of shoes under the pants legs, tucking the long-underwear legs into the tops of the shoes.
  7. Set the pumpkin head on top of the body, resting it on the wood post. Turn on the light.


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