Pretty Front Entry Decorating Ideas for Fall

Use these fall front porch ideas to add pretty seasonal touches to your home. Whether it's a pumpkin door hanger or autumnal planter, you're sure to find beautiful fall inspiration for your front entry.

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    Multipurpose Pumpkin Bowls

    These elegant autumn pumpkin decorations can hold candles, flowers, or candy on your front porch—plus, they are inexpensive to craft and don't require storage space when the season is over. Cut off the top of a pumpkin, creating a straight edge, and scrape out the insides. Trace, then cut a scallop pattern along the top edge of the bowl. Use a drill and drill bits or various sizes to create the lacework design.

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    Burlap Bunting Flag Wreath

    Burlap is one of fall's most versatile supplies, and it adds rustic appeal to any wreath. Create a dazzling entry accessory by wrapping a foam wreath with burlap ribbon, securing the ends at the top (you'll cover this with a hanging ribbon). Glue on textural embellishments, such as felt flowers, berry branches, and a burlap bunting, that welcome the season in a single word.

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    Inviting Front Porch Display

    Flaunt your creativity this year by crafting your outdoor pumpkin decorations from wood fence pickets. To re-create this inexpensive project, cut wood pickets to a desired height and connect the boards to one another by screwing them to a piece of hardboard. A leafy door hanging and an "It's Fall Y'all" doormat complete this stunning autumn entry.

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    Fall Wreath with Tulle

    This eclectic idea blends a DIY black tulle wreath with a store-bought corncob wreath to create a decorative door hanging appropriate for the whole season. Use floral wire to secure the two wreaths together.

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    Stenciled Burlap Pillow

    This adorable pillow was created with a simple stencil and some craft paint. You can easily adapt the shape, size, and image to suit your space. This fall porch decor project is so easy you might as well make one for every season. 

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    Pumpkin Lanterns

    Illuminate your entryway with this festive DIY front door pumpkin decor. Start by tracing a lantern pattern onto a hollowed-out white pumpkin with a pencil. Cut away the interior sections of the lantern where you'll want light to shine through. Paint the lanterns black and place a votive candle inside the pumpkin to create a fall-inspired light. Rest the pumpkins on tall, black candlesticks to complete the look.

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    Ornamental Grass Wreath

    If warm autumn hues like red, orange, and yellow clash with your home's cool exterior, opt for grassy decorations that complement an earthy facade. To build this fall door wreath, wire bundles of ornamental grass and purple fountain grass seed heads to a wreath form, keeping the shape loose and imperfect.

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    Pumpkin-Filled Flowerpot

    Carry your potted flowers into fall with this super easy autumn decorating idea. Small pumpkins and gourds make the perfect addition to an oversize pot filled with your favorite flowers. Coordinate the colors of the flowers and pumpkins to enhance this entry decoration's seasonal charm.

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    House Number Pumpkin Topiary

    Announce your house numbers loud and proud with this festive, DIY topiary (and reuse it next year, since the pumpkins are artificial!). White fall pumpkins are outfitted with vintage-style house numbers, then threaded through a dowel for stability and stacked neatly over a wooden basket foundation. Vivid Spanish moss peeks over the basket top for added color.

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    Harvest Rake Porch Scene

    Rake wreaths are beautiful, but it's hard to beat an entire embellished garden rake propped upright on your porch. Corncobs and faux flowers are bundled around rake tines to create this country-inspired decoration, and a hand-painted harvest sign finishes the look. Add outdoorsy details to the vignette, such as jarred pheasant feathers and a charming pumpkin bread signboard, for layers of rustic interest.

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    Fiery Foliage Watering Can

    Need a quick brightener for an entryway corner? Head out to your shed for a watering can, and while you're there, grab the pruning shears. Found containers, like this galvanized watering pot, add unexpected interest to vibrant yard clippings. For a fuss-free display, pose your embellished watering can with an assortment of multisized pumpkins.

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    Glittering Front Door Display

    Learn how to add sparkle to your fall door decorations with this pretty leaf craft. All you need are faux leaves, mod podge, hot glue, ribbon, and glitter.

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    Cozy-Chic Bohemian Porch

    This fall porch decor from Liz Marie Blog gets its cozy-chic vibe from a mix of layered textiles and rich color. Pumpkins are scattered effortlessly around the seating area, while plush pillows and knit throws practically beg you to snuggle up. Achieve a similar look at your place with the tutorial on her blog.

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    Harvest Doorway

    Flanking your door with towering cornstalks is a bold, seasonal statement (and if you know a friendly farmer, it’s potentially free!). A hanging basket of harvest foliage and berries forms a rustic substitute for a traditional wreath, and a mini pumpkin-dotted garland of autumn leaves drapes elegantly over the entrance. Bright yellow mums provide foot-level bursts of color.

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    Autumn Leaf Doormat

    If you have a rug, scissors, paper, and some painting materials on hand, you have almost everything you need to make this snazzy doormat. (Look outside for a pretty-silhouetted autumn leaf, and you're set.) Form a stencil by tracing a leaf onto a sheet of paper and cutting carefully along the outline. Place the stencil on the doormat, tracing the outline, and paint over the leaf-shape interior with crafts paint. For smooth painting results, look for natural-fiber, woven mats with low-nap surfaces, like jute or hemp.

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    Wall Planter Pumpkin Patch

    Remember to brighten small spaces on your porch. Little containers, like this metal wall planter, are prime decorating opportunities. These overflowing mini pumpkins and cheerful dotted bows give a warm welcome to house-callers. Metal curlicues reminiscent of pumpkin vines are a charming bonus.

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    Colorful Porch Corner

    Orange and red might receive top autumn billing, but we think pink is a strong contender. Glorious blush-color mums brighten this chairside porch space, and a heaping basket of miniature pumpkins plays a sweet supporting role. Use this dynamic color trio at your front entry, in your living room, or wherever you need a happy, seasonal palette.

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    Shirt Pillow Porch Seat

    Enjoy the cool breezes on your porch with a warm blanket and mug of cocoa, and remember to set out the cuddly shirt pillows you made for just these occasions! Use a premade pillow sham as a cutting template (allowing an extra inch on all sides), then flip right sides together, attach iron-on binding, and iron on all four sides. Open at the buttons to turn your new sham right-side out, and stuff in your new pillow. Plaids are a fall-favorite pattern, but try chunky chevrons or florals in autumn-inspired hues, too.

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    Pom-Pom Yarn Wreath

    For those holiday decorators who love to customize their creations, this DIY yarn wreath is for you. Simply wrap a straw wreath with complementary colors of yarn; the longer you wrap with a color, the thicker the stripe. Finish with a cluster of yarn pom-poms, and your front door will be this season's star.

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    Vintage Truck and Pumpkin Display

    If you're storing a keepsake stash of your kids' old toys (doesn't everybody?), you might find the star of this fall porch decor hiding in the attic. Fill a nostalgic truck with an adorable haul of miniature pumpkins, then park it near a coordinating flower display, like these vivid orange mums. While you're in the attic, bring down those apple baskets from past orchard trips; they make beautiful containers for potted plants.

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    Hanging Gourd Vase

    Decorate your front gate or porch railing with a natural hanging vase made from a swan gourd. Just cut a 1- to 2-inch hole near the gourd's neck, then hollow out enough space for fall flowers such as mums, black-eyed Susans, and Virginia creeper.

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    Stenciled House Number Pumpkin

    A printer, pen, permanent marker, and pumpkin complete this classy house number decoration. Print out your house numbers in an attractive font, then trace them onto your pumpkin with a ballpoint pen. Use a dark permanent marker to fill in the lines, then pop it in a porch nook. If you're feeling extra elegant, shelter your pumpkin under a planter's draping fronds for a soft look.

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    Welcoming Front Stoop

    Play up small entryways with bold, attention-grabbing elements that make the space pop. A sunflower-and-burlap wreath and coordinating leafy garland draw the eye in, and layers of colorful decorations, such as baskets of gourds and a foliage-bedecked lantern, hold the viewer's attention. Welcome neighbors to your harvest-theme stoop with a space-saving vertical signboard.

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    Stacked Pumpkin Bird Feeder

    When you're considering pumpkin arrangements, think outside the porch. Traditional orange and creamy-white pumpkins adorn this pedestal bird feeder, wrapped loosely with leaf and berry garlands. For super-easy stacking, look for broad, flat pumpkins to form the base. Crown your pumpkin stack with a garland of faux fall leaves, pinned to the pumpkins for autumn-breeze security.

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    Flowering Pumpkin Decoration

    Add quick color to a fall decorating staple with chrysanthemums. To make this flowing pumpkin, purchase 40-50 florists vials (available at crafts supply stores). Cut a band of holes at different heights and about 1 inch apart around the middle of the pumpkin with a small sharp knife. Fill the vials with water and replace the rubber stoppers, then push the vials into the holes so they are just below the surface of the pumpkin. Cut your chrysanthemum flowers so they have 2-inch stems and remove the leaves. Give your pumpkin a floral border by inserting one or two flowers into each vial (the flowers should be big enough to cover the holes).

    Editor's Tip: In place of chrysanthemums, you can use thistles, wild asters, or faded hydrangeas.

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    Harvest-Inspired Porch

    Natural autumnal elements like cornhusks, weathered wood, and straw bales make this monochromatic porch from Our Vintage Home Love feel rich and earthy. A rustic wreath and layered pumpkins add to its farmhouse charm. Personalize your own version with a custom sisal rug and a burlap banner. The best part? Most of the ingredients can be found at your local farm stand or in your backyard.

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    Chalkboard Pumpkin Planters

    Chalkboard pumpkins are popular front-porch accessories, and we particularly love the updated take with this pretty planter. Here's the secret: This isn't a pumpkin at all! Take the handle off a plastic candy bucket and cover with matte black chalkboard paint. Place a small pot of orange mums inside. The chalkboard note can change on a whim.

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    Wreath with Coffee-Filter Flowers

    Shhh! Dyed coffee filters are the secret ingredient behind this DIY fall door wreath. Snag the stylish look by dip-dyeing paper coffee filters in bowls of diluted food coloring. Let the filters dry, then hot-glue them to a white grapevine wreath. Use just a dot of hot glue to start, press the center of the coffee filter onto the wreath, and crinkle and fold the edges to achieve the floral effect. A pretty polka-dot burlap ribbon serves as a "spot-on" finishing touch.

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    Cozy Fall Mum Wreath

    Warm up your fall porch decor with an easy-to-make wreath. To make, press spider mums with 1-inch stems into a foam wreath. The blooms will last a few days, especially if you spritz them with water a few times. Finish the look by hanging with a plaid scarf.

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    Tiered Fall Display

    Using a tiered wire plant stand on your porch saves display space and creates an easy home for smaller items. Fill with a variety of fall pumpkins, gourds, foliage, and fruit, using wooden bowls and vintage crocks to add interest.

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    Glimmering Harvest Wreath

    Add shine to a traditional harvest wreath with a touch of metallic paint. Divide purchased dried wheat into three groups. Lightly brush each group with a different color of paint (we chose gold, copper, and brass). Let dry, then tuck the stalks into a purchased wheat wreath, starting from the inside and working outward. Complete your creation by attaching a handwritten welcome to the wreath with hot glue.

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    Classic Autumn Front Porch

    This beautiful porch from Serendipity Refined is overflowing with gorgeous farmers market finds. Rich layers of mums, pumpkins, and potted kale draw you to the front door, while a weathered, hand-painted sign beckons guests inside. Create an equally enviable entrance by checking out the tutorial on the blog.

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    Mini Gourd and Pumpkin Wreath

    Add a unique fall statement to your front door with this bright and colorful wreath. Using an awl, poke two holes in the bottom of mini pumpkins or gourds. Thread florist's wire onto a wreath frame and attach the gourds one by one until you're satisfied with the look, then hang.

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    Kale-and-Flower Arrangement

    Kale isn't just for eating. The flowering varieties, available at the farmer's market or flower shops, make beautiful additions to flower arrangements. In the smaller arrangement, we grouped purple kale with purple mini calla lilies and globe-shape yellow billy balls. In the larger arrangement, white kale makes a statement against orange ranunculus and pincushion flowers.

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    Easy-Carve Pumpkins

    These outdoor pumpkin decorations got a mod makeover with geometric cutouts in different sizes and patterns. Just hollow out the pumpkins, then stencil on your designs. Cut out each square with a pumpkin-carving saw and arrange on your front porch. For a country-chic look, rest pumpkins on an antique wooden chair or bench.

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    Fall Corn Garland

    Capture the season's charm with a rustic garland made from ears of fall corn and dried husks. Colors include ruby red, yellow, and purple, so you can pick the scheme that best matches your decor. Create hooks by twisting small eye screws into the wide end of each ear. Bend the husks into loops and seal the pointy ends together with hot glue. Finally, string the ears onto twine, alternating with corn husks as you go. Hang above your door or along your porch eaves for a simply beautiful effect.

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    Grown-Up Pumpkins

    For a grown-up twist on jack-o'-lanterns, just hollow-out mini pumpkins and place a pillar candle in each. Then, layer an old wooden table with the pumpkins, along with gourds and squash, for a porch-perfect outdoor display that will provide a warm welcome all season long.

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    Decorative Bucket on Door

    Seasonal freshness comes courtesy of fresh hydrangea and hypericum in this hanging bucket. Simply attach a decorative hook to your door and hang an antique bucket filled with water and the fall blooms. The seasonal display stays fresh for a few days—enough time for your big fall gathering or for greeting unexpected guests.

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    Festive Fall Greenery

    An old washtub is new again when you fill it with fall plants such as wheat stems, fir branches, and holly leaves with berries. Rest your repurposed planter on a porch, front step, or retaining wall, and enjoy.

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    Harvest Barnwood Sign

    Create your own rustic sign with this fantastic tutorial, complete with video instructions. You can customize the entire thing from colors to fonts. You'll have the perfect porch adornment in no time.

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    Custom Sisal Doormat

    Design is all about details and a custom doormat is the perfect design hack. Check out this adorable DIY doormat and get ready for some serious compliments from your guests.

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    Fall Front Entry with Paper Lanterns

    Use orange paper lanterns as an inexpensive and easy way to decorate your front entry for fall. To re-create this look, affix smaller lanterns in various shades of orange to bamboo stakes using light-color string; put the stakes in planters on either side of the door. Continue to add symmetry with pumpkins in various sizes piled below the elevated planters. Make the look wow-worthy with a larger-than-life orange paper lantern hung from the center of the front entry. It's unexpected, but so festive and fun.  

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    Potted Autumn Arrangement

    An oversize tin planter is the perfect way to display your fall floral arrangements, and a tone-on-tone stenciled design makes it unique to you. This porch-ready planting includes purple fountain grass, flowering kale, coralbells, creeping Jenny, and marguerite daisies.

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    Leafy Fall Wreath

    Artificial leaves and berries ensure that your fall door wreaths last for years. To make this, cover a foam wreath with Spanish moss. Alternate the leaf colors as you build the wreath in a circle. Use green pins to keep leaves in place. Attach pepperberries with pins to finish.

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    Calligraphy Pumpkins

    Instead of decorating every square inch of your front porch, you can follow this home's example and create a single, stunning fall installation. The combination of large orange pumpkins, leaves, and gourds makes the bright red berries stand out. Housing it all in an antique wheelbarrow equals a perfectly charming presentation.

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