This eerie DIY Halloween wreath will increase the fear factor of your front porch. Our three-step process shows you how to bring this spooky creation to life.

halloween wreath with spider

Light up a dark Halloween night with a spooky glowing wreath. This DIY project might scare away ghosts and ghouls, but the project's price tag and time commitment are rather friendly. All you need is a basic store-bought grapevine wreath, black spray paint, and LED string lights. Simply spray-paint the wreath, then attach the lights. It's really that simple. For a spookier Halloween wreath, embellish it with faux spiders, bats, or other creepy creatures. Follow our instructions below for the full DIY Halloween wreath tutorial.

What You Need

  • Grapevine wreath
  • Black spray paint
  • Mini battery-operated LED string lights (2)
  • Batteries

Step 1: Spray-Paint Wreath

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The first step to making a Halloween wreath is painting it a color appropriate for the occasion. In a well-ventilated area and on a protected surface, spray-paint the wreath with a matte black shade. Make sure to apply a generous coat over the grapevine wreath until every twig is covered. If desired, wear rubber gloves so you can lift the wreath and paint all angles evenly. Let dry.

Step 2: Attach Lights

putting orange lights on halloween wreath

Cast an eerie glow over the DIY Halloween wreath with tiny battery-operated LED string lights. We used orange lights for a classic Halloween color scheme. Twist and wrap lights around the wreath's twigs. When you reach the end of the strand, hide the battery pack behind the wreath. You can either bury it within the twigs, or use black tape to keep the battery pack concealed and mounted to the back of the wreath. Wherever the battery pack ends up, just be sure you can easily access it to turn the lights on and off. Repeat with a second strand of lights.

Step 3: Add Embellishments

halloween bead spider

Finish the wreath with spooky embellishments, such as bats, rats, monster eyes, or a scary DIY spider adornment. We made this spider using basic wood beads and craft wire. Attach your spooky additions to the wreath with crafts wire and hot glue. Let dry before hanging. Now your Halloween door wreath is ready to give guests a fright!


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