Your Best Ideas: Outdoor Halloween Decor, 2008

We can't get enough of these outdoor Halloween decorations. users really know how to gear up for Fright Night, so get inspired by these ideas from real folks like you.

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    House of Webs: Yard

    Why we picked this: These spiderwebs look great covering the white fence and porch. We think the webs really pop in this outdoor scene.

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    House of Webs: Porch

    Why we picked this: Check out the details of the thick web on this porch. The hands on the green monster are creepy, too!

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    Doorway Webs

    Why we picked this: The large black spider hanging from the ceiling of this entryway is very creative. We like how the spiderweb is incorporated with the spider and extends to the front of the house.

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    A Pirate Ship

    Why we picked this: We like how this really looks like a sunken ship. The skeletons all over the yard are a great way to incorporate the pirate theme.

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    Why we picked this: The detail on this tombstone makes it look very real. We especially like the wheelbarrow dumping skeletons on the yard.

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    House for Halloween

    Why we picked this: This house is ready for trick-or-treaters. We love the variety of pumpkins, witches, and bats used to transform this porch into an atmosphere ready for October 31.

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    House for Halloween: A Witch's Broom

    Why we picked this: This mannequin holds a large witch's broom, which really completes her outfit! The red, orange, black, and white colors really work well together in this Halloween scene.

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    The Witch Is In

    Why we picked this: Simple and sweet, this sign is a cute way to decorate for Halloween.

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    All Aglow

    Why we picked this: This haunted house screams Halloween. We love the glowing colors that are illuminated from inside and out.

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    House of Spiders: Rooftop

    Why we picked this: We've never seen anything like this! These oversize spiders are a clever idea for a rooftop. We think maybe they can be seen from outer space.

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    House of Spiders: Chimney

    Why we picked this: Here, you can see the detail of this large, purple spider. We especially like the idea of this illuminated spider climbing up the chimney.

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