Haunted Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Turn your front yard into a creepy cemetery to lure guests to your haunted Halloween house.

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    Groovy Graveyard

    Create a spine-tingling scene sure to entertain guests and passersby with eerie realism. Use slabs of foam, paint, and readily available props to assemble a family plot full of fun.

    Trees designed by Bill Lahay. Tombstones designed by Patricia Garrington and Patty Kramer.

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    Host with the Most

    Every haunted gathering needs a macabre master for a host. Dress life-size fake skeletons in dashing finery to provide spine-tingling personality. Browse theater shops and vintage clothing boutiques for tailcoats and top hats fit for a boo-tiful bash.

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    Space Available

    It pays to advertise, and this stone declares there's always room for one more to join the motley band below. A rotary crafts tool easily carves the realistic lettering and arrow. And a wood file rounds the edges of the tombstone to simulate the look of weathered stone.

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    Spooky Store Hours

    Merry mayhem is the order of the evening, and midnight is the magic hour. A foam cutter tool's warm blade easily cuts cracks and relief letters.

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    Realistic Relief

    Use foam slabs to build this tongue-in-cheek monument. A rotary carving tool works great for carving lettering and dimensional decorations. For the finishing touch, make it look convincing with stone-look spray paint and crafts paints that replicate decades of decay.

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    Perfect Perch

    This bony fellow is wearing a coat of realistic-looking spray-on stone paint to match his monument, making him look as if he's been carved out of stone, too.

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    Sick to Death

    This fellow may have been ill once, but he's much better now, perhaps because he has a plywood coffin for support. Realistic-looking skeletons are available from seasonal stores and online. The coffin is easy to make from a 4x8-foot plywood sheet, trim molding, and paint.

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    Sad Commentary

    Bony arms cling to a copper-look tombstone, letting passersby know that this determined soul was not ready for the great beyond.

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    Sinister Silhouettes

    No spooky cemetery would be complete without scraggly trees silhouetted against the night sky. These dimensional 8-foot-tall trees cut from spray-painted plywood feature slot joinery so they stand alone. Decked with lanterns and crows, they lend an eerie aura to the grave site.

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    Portentous Promise

    A grinning ghoul peers from this tombstone, its message making a bone-chilling prediction. To create this look, simply cut a hole through the foam tombstone, insert a plastic skeleton head, and camouflage edges with spackling.

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    Eerie Escape

    It looks like one fellow has nearly escaped the bonds of the world beyond. To create this illusion, disassemble a fake skeleton and arrange the arms, legs, and head in a petrifying pose. To give the tombstone an aged look, randomly spray on a light coat of green paint.

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    Tongue-in-Cheek Tombstone

    With a touch of cheeky humor, Mr. Later and Ms. Gater eagerly await their reunion. Meanwhile, their headstone, paint-streaked for an aged look, appears to have been decorated decades ago, with its bouquet of flowers spray-painted to look as if they've seen better days.

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