Black Cat Door Hanger

Give your Halloween guests or trick-or-treaters a bit of a scare with this steely-eyed door decoration. Three black cats stare out with their beady eyes, casting a spell over anyone who dares call on you.

See complete instructions below for creating this creepy craft.


  • Cat head pattern (see download link below)
  • Silver medium-weight embossing metal and stylus
  • Piece of felt or newspapers
  • Scissors for cutting metal
  • DecoArt One Step Metal paint in black
  • 1/2-inch flat brush
  • 20-gauge black wire
  • 26-gauge silver wire
  • 1/8-inch paper punch
  • Needle-nose pliers and wire cutters
  • Large glass beads (2 for each cat)

Download the Cat Head pattern


  1. Download, print, and cut out the cat head pattern. Place the metal on the felt or newspapers, and lay the pattern on the metal. Use a dull pencil to draw around the pattern. Draw over the eye holes, the nose, and the mouth. Remove the pattern.
  2. Cut out the metal cat with scissors. Use the tip of the closed scissors to poke a hole above the center of the eye areas; then cut out the eye openings. Punch 1/8-inch holes in the center top and bottom of each eye opening. Lay the metal cat on the felt or newspapers again. Use the stylus to emboss the nose and the mouth lines. Punch two 1/8-inch holes on each side of the cat's mouth for the whiskers, and a single hole in the top center of the head for the wire hanger.
  3. Place the cat's head on a newspaper-covered surface. Brush the black metal paint outward from the cat's nose. Let the paint dry; then flip the cat over and repeat on the opposite side.
  4. Cut two 2-inch lengths of silver wire, and thread a bead on each of the wires. Poke one end of a wire through the small hole above one eye; fold the end of the wire down. Push the other end of the wire through the small hole under the same eye. Bend the end of the wire up. Use pliers to squeeze the bend in the wire flat.
  5. Cut two 10-inch lengths of black wire. Insert one wire from front to back, through one of the holes next to the mouth. Run the wire across the back of the face and up through the hole on the opposite side of the mouth. Center and shape the whisker. Repeat with the second wire. Hook a length of silver wire through the top hole in the cat's head. Make more cats, if desired, and wire them together at the base of the silver hanging wire.


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