5 Great Outdoor Halloween Ideas

Decorate your outdoors for Halloween with any (or all) of these creative ideas. From ravens on the porch to a 5-minute idea to enhance your gutters, these spooky outdoor Halloween decor ideas are easy ways to get your home ready for the holiday.

Decorate your outdoors for Halloween with any (or all) of these creative ideas. From ravens on the porch to a surprising way to decorate your garage door to a 5-minute idea to enhance your gutters, this spooky Halloween decor inspiration is a must-try way to get ready for the holiday.

Set up a spooktacular holiday display to make your front lawn the scariest one on the block. Go all-out by placing skeletons in scary poses, or use a 10-minute project to turn the garage into a frightening scene. Try all five of our DIY displays that are sure to scare the costumes off your trick-or-treaters this year.

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1. Add swinging crows to a tree

Add a flock of spooky crows to your front yard with this easy outdoor craft. Drill holes and use screws to attach chain links to the ends of a plain dowel rod to create a swing. Spray-paint the entire swing black. Look for faux black birds at the local crafts store and attach the birds with hot glue. Hang the swing from a tree in the front yard to create an ominous outdoor setting that will greet any guests walking by your house.

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2. Display spooky skeletons

Give trick-or-treaters a fright with skeletons scattered on the front lawn. Find plastic skeletons at your local crafts or party supply store (be sure to look for weather-resistant decorations!). Grab a few whole skeleton shapes, or pick up some bony arms and legs. Hide a skeleton in the bushes or have one poke its head out from behind a tree; if you purchased arms or legs, scatter them across the yard for an extra-scary display.

3. Decorate your existing decor

Create a scary scene that doesn't break the bank by adding a few embellishments to your existing outdoor decor. Use our easy DIY hack to add a flock of store-bought black birds to a bench or chair without ruining the finish. Glue the feet of each bird to a large black binder clip; let dry. Use the binder clips to attach the birds to the back of a bench; when Halloween is over, simply remove the clips!

4. Transform the garage door

Spook the trick-or-treaters with this DIY Halloween decor idea that's so easy, it's scary! Trace hands and feet shapes onto black vinyl or thick black cardstock and cut out the shapes; attach these to the inside of the windows on your garage door. Press the cling side of the vinyl cut-outs directly onto the windows, or use clear tape to attach cardstock. Close the garage door and turn on the lights to create the illusion that small hands and feet are trying to escape. If you don't have a garage door with windows, you can use the same idea with any of your home's regular windows that face the outside. 

5. Add (faux) rodent friends

Add store-bought rubber rats to the small spaces around your porch or front door, or place them along the gutters of your street to create a truly frightful scene! A small creature peeking out from the porch railing or perched above the front door looking down on guests is an easy way to up your Halloween spirit this year. Look for the faux rodents in the holiday decor section of your local crafts or party supply store.

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  1. Thank you ..thank you. I couldn't find outdoor spider directions anywhere also.


      • Faux-fur fabric
      • 16-inch half-sphere
      wire globe
      • 8-inch half-sphere wire
      • Fabric scissors
      • Zip ties
      • Four 8-foot-long pieces
      16-gauge multipurpose
      • Hot-glue gun and glue
      • Pliers
      • Four 6'×¾" black foam
      tube insulation (not slit)
      • Utility knife
      1. Cut fur to cover each
      globe, adding 1 inch all the
      way around.
      2. Using zip ties, join forms
      for head and body, below.
      3. Lay four wires under
      the body, distributing the
      length so it is equal on
      both sides of frame. Loop
      one around frame edge
      on each side to secure,
      below. Repeat to make all
      4. Pull fur to underside
      of frame and hot-glue
      in place, below. Repeat
      for other frame, working
      around wires.
      5. Bend a loop at end of
      each wire leg, below, so
      wire doesn’t catch when
      sliding on foam tubes.
      6. Cut foam tubes into
      36-inch lengths. Slip one
      piece over each leg,
      pushing it close to body,
      7. Bend looped end of wire
      back over tube to secure.
      Hot-glue end of tube to fur.
      Bend wire to shape legs as desired.

    2. Me too! Ended up finding it through my downloads thankfully.Here you go!

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